New York Does Need More Gun Control

Patch of New York City Police Department

Patch of New York City Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bet you never thought you’d see that title here, did you? But they really, really do. You remember that shoot out by the Empire State Building the other day, I’m sure. As it happened when the police showed up the shooter quit shooting. It turns out that at least three bystanders were shot by the police, and six more hit by fragments, which I assume means like chips of granite or cement. In addition the shooter took seven rounds, which seems a bit much.So yes New York needs more gun control. They need to teach their police department to hit the X ring and then quit. The story below is from Tarpon’s Swamp.

Maybe Mayor Bloomberg could get the NRA to teach a marksmanship course.

The shooter didn’t fire another shot, after killing his intended victim.

NYPD chief Ray Kelly confirmed today that all nine bystanders wounded in yesterday’s shooting near the Empire State Building were injured by police bullets, reports CNN. The two officers who approached Jeffrey Johnson fired 16 rounds after he pulled his gun on them at point-blank range, and authorities think at least seven rounds hit Johnson, reports Gothamist. (See surveillance video of the shooting here.)
“We recovered whole bullets from two of the victims,” Kelly said. “Actually, we think a total of the three out of the nine bystanders were struck with bullets, the rest were struck with fragments of some sort.” Of the nine, six were treated and released from local hospitals by this morning. The other three were in stable condition, reports the New York Times. It remains unclear whether Johnson got off any rounds himself after pointing his gun at police.
What do we do, when the cops shoot people???

NYPD: The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Sraight.

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17 Responses to New York Does Need More Gun Control

  1. You’re right, but wrong in choosing the NRA to teach them. Far superior to all that which is out there is FYI click or the three very short videos (no audio) on the right hand side of the page, then in the upper right hand side click and watch the 19 min action video. Kent Turnipseed was recently inducted into the martial Arts Hall of Fame for his contribution to, “The Martial Art of the Gun.” A book by the same name was written by his associate Alan Egusa.

    • Actually, David, I didn’t really mean for the NRA to teach them, you’re right there are far better school for combat shooting, quickshoot is one of them.

      But NRA made a better joke for the public :-) Bloomie ain’t gonna do it anyway.

  2. JessicaHof says:

    Yes, seems a more useful and positive reaction than that of the Mayor :)

    • I’m a practical sort of guy, guided by experience, don’t you know. :-)

      • JessicaHof says:

        Wholly admirable in a man :)

        • Why, thank You. :-)

        • JessicaHof says:

          My very real pleasure sir :) xx

        • Maam. :-) xx

        • JessicaHof says:

          :). Good night my dear friend xx

        • :-) Night, night xx

        • JessicaHof says:

          :) xx

        • :-) xx

  3. What happend to public safety? Too many cops today are trigger-happy. Used to be that they would not engage in a shootout if there were innocent bystanders. I hope NY’s finest gets sued by the victims.

    • I agree, this is pretty egregious. I see no reason for putting him down, it does seem like the police are getting a little trigger happy.

      Oh, and since my box is working better at the moment (I had it pretty well clogged earlier) good to see you here, you were missed! :-)

      • I’ve been busy AND lazy both, if that makes sense. But am going to get back into the swing–we have an election coming up! You, on the other hand, are posting away and have gotten a lot of new readers & commenters–Hurray!

        • That does make sense, I have days and occasionally weeks like that too. And yes, it’s been going pretty well but, there’s still no friends like old friends.

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