150 years

Chickamauga from Great Satan’s Girlfriend

We’re remembering the Civil War during its sesquicentennial years, not that we really need a reason, beer, eggs, bacon and the Civil War is a famous US Army breakfast custom and has been for a long time. This week we had two battles to commemorate: Chickamauga and Antietam, and they have some similarities that we’ll get to. I wrote about Antietam in Artillery Hell  and I’ll let Great Satan’s Girlfriend tell you about that Chickamauga.

Way back in the last millennium, as the most uncivil war raged across, through and all around Chattaboogie - and the bloodiest battle of all them climaxed by this time in 1863 By 1863, Confederacy was in a terrible bind – 4 July saw the loss at two diff battlefields hundreds of miles apart – decisive disaster on two fronts. One at Gettysburg and one at Vicksburg. Chased out of Tenneesee, Confederacy deployed her combat rock stars like HoodLongstreet and Bragg to delay, repel and defeat the Yankees long enough to draw one last time on the war weary reserves of Dixie. Confederacy desperately needed a prestige victory. Turning several square K of pure heaven into pure heck for three days, Confederacy ferociously fought at Chickamauga. And where a war that was almost won – was almost lost Both sides were lined up – Confederacy facing west and Union facing East through thickets, woods, hills and dells. The line was drawn, reserves were available and everbody knew if Confederacy couldn’t stop Union here – she probably never would. Thanks to a goofy screw up in communiques, Yankee generals pulled a brigade out of the line to plug an imaginary gap to the north. General Longstreet threw his entire corps through the gap, shattering Union lines, annihilating and enveloping the Yankee left flank.

Continue reading Almost. But anyway it’s Saturday, so let’s do some music. Let’s start with the Lili Marlene of the Civil War The Iron Brigade made a song from the Battle of Tippecanoe famous Both sides had versions of this one Both sides liked this one as well Then there is this Anyway. Chickamauga created one of the rock stars of the Union Army in George H. Thomas, The Rock of Chickamauga. Both battles can be summed up fairly well by a quote from Carl von Clausewitz’s classic Vom Kriege.

Once the great victory is gained, the next question is not about rest, not about taking breath, not about considering, not about reorganising, etc., etc., but only of pursuit of fresh blows wherever necessary, of the capture of the enemy’s capital, of the attack of the armies of his allies, or of whatever else appears to be a rallying point for the enemy. “


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19 Responses to 150 years

  1. JessicaHof says:

    Another enjoyable set my dearest friend – and I liked the lady with the gun :)

    • i did too, I brought her over from Great Satan’s Girlfriend, looks like a nice rebel lady to me! :-)

      • JessicaHof says:

        Me too :)

        • Not to mention that it looks like she knows what to do with that rifled musket. :-)

        • JessicaHof says:

          She does too :)

        • I think I would be nice to her, if I wanted to live. :-)

        • JessicaHof says:

          She looks like she’d be worth being nice to :)

        • That is very true! :-)

      • Just a nice corn fed Southern Belle. We have lots of them where I live.

        • Thank God for the South! :-)

        • “You betcha!” Oh wait, she’s from the North.

          I think that lady would more than likely have said “Y’all come back” after she put a few bullets in somebody’s rump.

        • I was thinking more along the line of, “Bless your heart, dear.”

        • That would work too! :-)

        • It surely would! :-)

  2. My great, great, great — whatever number of greats — grandfather almost fought in this battle. His unit double-timed to get there but arrived after it was over. His letters about it are terrible … and moving.

  3. Sorry. There were two of battles with this name. I don’t know which one he was in.

  4. Always have had a soft spot for ‘Ole Rosey….so I tend to believe McCook’s account of what Tom Wood said on Sept. 20. Wood’s career was just coattail riding anyhow…

    • It wasn’t ‘Ole Rosey’s” day but I’m not sure that I disagree with you, so much depends on personality, and you’s P.O.ed with whom.

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