Autumn on the Prairie

Well the leaves are turning on the prairie and there are semis backed up for blocks from the elevator as the amazing American harvest happens again. Seems like everyday they load out a 100 car train to keep the elevator working, by the time it’s over piles of corn will cover entire city blocks. But there are few autumn leaves, it was bit breezy on the prairie Thursday; steady winds of 30-40 with gusts into the 60s on occasion, but whatever.

Out here we call that breezy but some of effete easterner might call it…

Say what you want but I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

But our leaves probably are


Next week we’ll celebrate St. Crispans Day, perhaps the most famous day of battle in the English-speaking world.

Have a great day.


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21 Responses to Autumn on the Prairie

  1. I remember living in the Northern climes, especially in the late Autumn near East Aurora NY with several of my friends and two dogs pheasant hunting.

    Now, as I recently celebrated my 81st birthday here in Scottsdale with the last of the 90 degree days slowly ebbing to those of even pleasant ciphers, my real joy will be the memories of my youth all bundled up against the frigid freeze shovel in hand. Now, the reality is, of at most, a sweater and brown European suede jacket.

    • Yep, I spent a good part of the week remembering how we used to spend whole weekends burning leaves in Northern Indiana and how beautiful it was with a couple of feet of snow. Would I still feel that way, yes, if I didn’t have to go anywhere. :-)

  2. mstrmac711 says:

    Ah, St. Crispin’s Day! I will be lining up my shoes in honor of the twins.

    • A fine idea, don’t forget to quote Tennyson while doing so.

  3. JessicaHof says:

    Wonderful selection, dearest friend :) x

    • Thanks, dearest friend. :-) x

  4. Nice to hear Nat King Cole singing Autumn Leaves. Of course, I’m much too young to remember him myself but he was my dad’s favorite singer. :-)

    • Yep, my Dad was fond of him as well. :-)

      • But being too young to have ever heard him ourselves, of course. :-)

        • Of course. :-)

        • Just in knee pants way, way back then!

        • Ah, I had long pants but lived in the country where there were lots of thorns and such. :-)

        • Only a figure of expression. My legs were so skinny my parents though a hunter might take me for a bird. Later on people often called me a turkey. Wonder why that was. :-)

        • I’m sure I have no idea !! :-P

        • Yeah its just another one of those mysteries. :-)

        • Indeed it is! :-)

        • :-)

        • :-)

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  6. I’m NOT complaining about Tampa, but I do miss autumn. The harvest/fall style decorations folks put out look totally silly, too. Scarecrows and palm trees just don’t mix, guys, sry. The good thing is, maybe winter will feel like autumn to me. We’ll see . . .

    • Might at that, and what little time I’ve spent in the south, I’d miss the seasons (for all of my whining about the heat and cold) terribly. But yes, I think autumn is my favorite and for once we are kind of having one instead of 90 one day and a blizzard the next. I’m hearing we are going to have another warm winter, which kind of pleases and kind of disappoints me as well. Guess I’ll take what I get.

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