Bill Whittle: What an American President Should Be.

OK, most of us have chimed in on what went wrong in the election, Bill Whittle’s take strikes me as the absolute truth. Is it possible for a Republican to run as a Conservative or govern as a real American? I don’t know but Bill is going to tell you how it would sound and feel. yes, I know, it’s 15 minutes but, it’s 15 minutes of pure joy. Enjoy.

See I told you that couldn’t find a better use for that time.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

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17 Responses to Bill Whittle: What an American President Should Be.

  1. Unambiguous, unashamed and unrepentant. What is it that our pols fear by telling the truth? It is a winning message for those who are tired of being wards of the state.

    • NEO says:

      Its sure a winner with me, of course Bill usually is.

      • Indeed. I mean to send you this link 2 days ago and then I forgot. Glad you found it on your own. It fit better on your site than mine.

        • NEO says:

          Yeah, I’ve had it a few day but of course could,’t use the flash version.

        • Well, it;s a classic that should be seen by many.

        • NEO says:


  2. giliar says:

    NEO – I saw this a few days ago and was literally cheering at my computer! The cats thought I was crazy, but they’re used to outbursts from me while I sit in front of the mysterious little machine.

    • NEO says:

      Yep, when I saw it, I had the same reaction. It’s a stunning piece of truth. And its why we have to get our messaging (and candidates) figured out.

  3. Thanks for posting this. It gave me the real lift I needed!!!

    • NEO says:

      It did me as well, now if we could find the man (or woman) to run on that! :-)

      • Ain’t that the truth?!

        • NEO says:

          It sure is !!

  4. geneb527 says:

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  5. jackcurtis says:

    Strikes me, we’re seeing a sociohistoric change: American society no longer relates to its Founding, its Founders or its founding documents. That’s why the GOP is following the Democrats abandoning those things.

    Whether that is a reversible course will require some time to know. But the Republicans will not reverse their course unless the entire leadership is replaced; that seems currently unlikely.

    If then such a reversal is wanted, a third party seems increasingly like the only available vehicle. And if that occurs and is found inadequate to the task, that will be reality and our society will proceed along its chosen path…as it is doing now anyway, right?

    • NEO says:

      I agree with you. in my opinion the Republican party as opposed to a large segment of the membership, has reverted to the Whig Party, which was always the party of big government.

  6. jericho777 says:

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