Saddle up, America, it’s time to get to work.

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This is not Leadership (with an example)

I talked last night about Eisenhower. He’s not the best example of leadership, actually he was more of a manager, but when push came to shove, back there on Monday the 5th June of 1944 he put it like this: “OK, Let’s go”. Pretty hard to beat for a timely, succinct, and courageous decision; especially when based on not particularly good information and you are betting the very lives of millions of your countrymen.

Now let’s talk about one of Eisenhower’s friends, George Patton. There is not much that we don’t recall about him with pride. He was the personification of the hell-for-leather cavalryman, taking his inspiration from Custer and Sheridan (and probably Hannibal).  What you don’t hear so much is that he was one of the best military historians in (or out of) the army of his time, He knew war and he knew men and he trained himself to know how to lead. Here is the kicker, 3d United States Army, in the western campaign took more land and cities, inflicted more casualties on the enemy, and lost fewer men than any other like size unit in the European war.

OK, that’s enough nostalgia (for now) about the good old days when America had a mission and was determined to win through to total victory. Those days are gone.

Now the mission is to provide everyone with such a wonderful life and make sure nobody has to work for a living. Let the rich pay for it all. And unicorns and rainbows, of course. And if we don’t win well, gee those terroristic hobbits with their flags with snakes stopped us. They are an evil conspiracy. They won’t let us win, Mommy, they only have a few US Reps; but they ruined our dream. They want to cut our allowance and they even complain when we take our private jets on vacation twice a month and golf every week.

And that pretty well sums up our liberal friends. Now what is their leadership style? It is summed up as ‘Run in circles, Scream and Shout, If we don’t Win, It’s your Fault’. Oh, George Bush and Racist. I’ve disagreed about something with every US President since I had enough sense and I’m old enough that that includes LBJ. I admired something about every one of them, too, even Carter at the beginning, after all; he was a naval officer and a nuke at that, and Rickover ran a tight ship.

But this crew, it’s hard to even describe them without being seditious enough to expect a visit from the Secret Service. Finger pointing, whining, making (illegal) threats, open the borders wide, sell drug dealers guns, tax the producers till they quit, do every possible thing to kill any productive enterprise and such a rigid ideology that they can’t turn it 15o between New York and Miami. Then the President who spent every waking moment for the last 6 years (at least) scheming and dreaming about how to get to be president has the pure unadulterated gall to complain the job is too hard. He’s damned lucky Harry Truman isn’t around to tell him what he thinks. Damn, Sonny, why don’t you and your buddies just quit and we’ll find a man (or maybe a woman) to do the job?

Crap, how did we ever get here? Never mind, wrong question, How in the hell can we get back to America, without too much damage? Now all you nice people (I mean that, what we do, we do for you) whose idea of a workplace hazard is a paper cut, can understand why those of us who are engineers, firemen, policemen, railroad crews, electricians, linemen, soldiers, (and pretty much anybody else who works with things that can quickly kill you dead) detest, almost to a person, affirmative action. Because, now you have seen the ultimate affirmative action hire: none other than Barrack Obama.

Ok, America, we have one hell of a mess to clean up, so let’s get started. Because if we don’t, we are going down. Because of what America has become to the world, we’ll take western civilization with us, or we will restore it better than ever. Those are the only two outcomes possible.

Saddle up, America, it’s time to get to work.


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4 Responses to Saddle up, America, it’s time to get to work.

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    You’ve nailed the whiney liberals and this administration to a T. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. As a side note, I used to work in marketing for electrical distribution products, so I say it’s time we “power up the patriots!”


  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    One more coincidence, if you care, I lived in NE for three years as a youngster in elementary school in the tiny town of Arlington (it was tiny then, anyway). Sorry, but I love “it’s a small world” stuff.


    • Ha, I’m pretty fond of the small world stuff myself, although I missed Arlington, used to get my license plates in Stockville though, county courthouse in a town of 50 people. I grew up in Indiana and found a home here. Best people in the world. parenthetically, i think were going win into turn this country back to the Constitution, but it is going to be a hard long battle.


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