Libya; a New Start

Gaddafi in the Near Future

Image by v i p e z via Flickr

Well it seems that Colonel Khadaffi has lost his country. Actually, he has probably traded it for a spider hole for the time being. But the retirement plan for dictators isn’t too good, so we’ll probably hear, eventually.

From an American viewpoint, he doesn’t really matter anyway, he hasn’t since Bush put the fear of America back in him in 2003. Seems like maybe he had heard a little bit about LT Presley O’Bannon and his successor Devil Dogs.

What is concerning, though, is what is the future for Libya. Hopefully, the rebels have a plan that doesn’t include turning into an Iranian client state. For once, it could well be, the Benghazi area has long and profitable ties to the west. But the militant Islamists are on the march all over the Middle East, so it bears watching.

Libya’s oil  isn’t really important, although Italy probably disagrees, but it is always good for another country’s citizens to decide to be free.

Hopefully our country (and NATO) have some sort of plan set up to influence the winners. Again, we will have to wait and see. This could be an encouraging development, especially if it puts the fear of the people back into Bashar Assad in Syria and some others.

Meantime about all we can do is congratulate the rebels. It was definitely time for Khadaffi to go. It would be nice if we could render some medical or other nonmilitary assistance soon.


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2 Responses to Libya; a New Start

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    Glad the evit dictator is gone (or just about) but I am worried about who/what takes charge wihen all of hte celebrations stop.


    • I agree, Freedom. That’s the problem with leading from behind: you don’t get the blame, but you don’t get the credit, either. And you don’t get a very good seat at the conference, either.


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