Life Lessons from McDonalds

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We’ve been hearing quite a bit about how a lot of the jobs created in Texas under Gov. Perry have been the low-end, McDonald’s burger flipping type jobs. I haven’t checked to see if it’s true or not and for my purposes here it doesn’t matter anyway.

What do these job entail. First we all know they pay something around minimum wage, don’t have a lot of future growth and are often in normal times (remember them?) held by teenagers. In fact they are often the very first real job a person has. By definition then, they are entry level jobs.

Some of those who profess themselves our betters tend to denigrate them particularly because, well, I don’t know.

Sure they aren’t prestigious, like being professor of (insert BS studies program) at a swanky Ivy League college, so what. They provide more real value to society than that professorship ever will.

Don’t believe me, if you’re hungry, go ask that professor for a burger. What’ll you get? Probably a lecture about how bad for you meat is. You’re still hungry.

Go to McDonald’s and what will you get? A meal that our ancestors would have had to work days for, if it was even possible. Remember that up until the industrial revolution people starved almost every year.

McDonald’s itself is an incredible accomplishment when you think about it. Top quality beef  (never available before the twentieth century); cheese, which was always a luxury food; lettuce, tomato, and onion, never available out of season; wheat bread, a holiday only luxury in 19th century Europe; Potatoes, remember in the late 1840’s, when, the potato crop failed, Ireland starved; and a Coke, that miracle beverage of modern America, or fresh milk, another unavailable luxury 150 years ago.

All of that for what? $5 or so, the equivalent of a few minutes of your time. Is it the best food available? No, certainly not. But it is amazingly better than what was available to our ancestors. If anything was.

OK, there’s that. McDonald’s doesn’t need me to defend them. (I prefer Wendy’s, anyway, think about all the choices we have, too.) Back to those jobs, yeah those demeaning entry level jobs. Say you are that high school student who just got that first job, what are you going to learn.

First, you’re going to learn to get to work on time, I know you should have learned that at home or in school but, you had best learn it somewhere and here you get paid to show up.

Then you are going to be part of a team, working towards a common goal.

You are going to learn how to handle food without contaminating it.

You might even learn how to make change.

You will learn how to deal with people, even the difficult ones. And be pleasant while doing so.

These are all life lessons, and there are others,that you will need throughout your life in our society. And you will probably learn to live within a budget, cause you surely aren’t going to get rich on this job.

But, if you’re good at it, you can get into management, which is not a bad career at all, it even pays pretty well.

That puts a whole different light on that despised job doesn’t it? I wish the people who apply for jobs with me, knew all that, as well as my social friends.

And another thing, you will learn the pride of  earning your money instead of begging or stealing it. And that’s the best lesson of all.


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5 Responses to Life Lessons from McDonalds

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    Fast food and retails are all excellent training grounds for the reasons you stated. And having McDonald’s on your resume is really quite impressive to many of those hiring. Because they understand it is demanding work. My first job was working on a chicken farm. I’ve done everything you can think of regarding pullets, including spending one summer when I was 16 scrapping dried chicken poop off of 1,000’s of nest bottoms with a metal scraper in a tiny tin shed to get ready for a new load of pullets. I think McDonald’s would have been a dream job compared to that!


    • Ha, I think you are right,Mickey’s would be a dream job compared to that, that is a far harder job than I’ve ever had. BTW, during the war my folks had chickens and it was my sisters’ job to gather the eggs which they wouldn’t do without wearing Dad’s hot gloves (which were, and are about 1/4 inch thick rubber with heavy leather protectors over them.

      Worst I ever had was hay baling on a dairy farm in August, but that had a side benefit, it constituted summer training for the football team.


  2. Ike Jakson says:

    Hi Nebraska

    This is good writing by any standards; well constructed and including all the detail. The young ones can learn ten times more from a short Post like this than ten years watching television; and get paid for it. Great home-style stuff of reality and life how it is; or should be what with what the kids do read if they read today.


  3. Hi Ike
    That’s what I try for in a lot of these posts, our schools don’t teach this stuff the way they should. So, it becomes the responsibility of those of us who have lived it, to teach it.


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