Sometimes, We Just Kill Traitors

Lockheed Martin Longbow Hellfire.

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Not to put to fine a point on it, since Awlaki had his meeting with a Hellfire the other day, there has been a fair amount of handwringing about due process and citizenship and such.

My own view that is that if you decide to make war on the United States, you shouldn’t be too surprised when the United States decides to make war back. Nothing much here about what citizenship you make be able to make a claim on. We were perfectly OK with killing the Dutch, and Norwegians that enlisted in the SS.

I strongly doubt that the Confederate Generals, nearly all of whom had taken the Oath of Office as United States Officers expected trial for making war on the United States Treason instead of bullets coming their way across the battlefield.

Anyway Great Satan‘s Girlfriend has a post up that pretty well describes my feelings.

Oh Snap!

Those attorney free Drones Gone Wild and the recent sweet al Yemenilicious hit on al Awlaki brought some funintended consequences at a recent event populated by all the populars. As ppl lol’d another Hellfire event that incinerated not one but 2 American born hajies in a foreign land several inappropriate handwringers kept bringing up the something Amendment.

“No ‘Merican shall be dissed/deprived of life, liberty, bling or property w/out due process of law.”

If Awlaki was in fact the architect of terrorism attacks then perhaps his demise is to be welcomed. But we don’t really know, do we? There was no xparent, legal, reviewable process by which he was placed on Great Satan’s hit list. There was no judicial procedure, nor any public airing of the charges against him. He had no opportunity to respond to specific allegations.

Read the rest here.

My end verdict: Good riddance to bad garbage.

My only complaint is that: dead men tell no tales.


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