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Republican Party Handbill, ca. 1880

Image by Cornell University Library via Flickr

This is going to be a bit of a history lesson, the real kind, not the revisionist kind you got in school. I’m going to say some things and then I’m going to send you on over to PumaBydesign 001 for some more and a video.

First, I rarely talk about race, that may be a mistake, but I don’t feel particularly well qualified. See, I’m an American of Norwegian extraction with half of my family coming from north of the Arctic Circle. In addition, being a small town guy, I haven’t had all that much contact.

But, I do know the difference between history and revisionism lies in the classroom.

The basic reason for the founding of the Republican party was to free the slaves period, full stop.

The party of Jefferson and Jackson, not so much. Yes, it’s reasonably certain that Jefferson had kid by one of his slaves, which may or may not be that big a deal, I don’t know, I wasn’t there. I do know that it was said in the ante-bellum south that the only 2 free things were a white man and a black woman. I’m just saying there a lot of sides to this and we’ll never know the whole truth.

Jackson was a different kettle of fish. I only remember one story and that was while he was marching his chained slaves up the Natchez Trace, they came under attack; he removed their chains and armed them, when they beat off the attack he reversed the process and continued the march. I don’t understand any of it but then, like Lincoln, “as I would not be a slave, neither would I be a master”.

The Democratic party has always attempted to play identity politics; whether it was the Blacks, the Irish, the Scandinavians, the Unions,no difference, if you voted Republican you were a traitor to your own. The republican have hardly ever been able to answer, at least partially, because of the belief that color doesn’t make the man (or woman): character does. There is a very good reason why during Reconstruction they were called “Black Republicans”

Traditionally, the Republicans have been the party of the individual. Except for certain enclaves, mostly born in the corruption of the Gilded Age, it has rarely been the party of Wall Street either. If you don’t believe that, look up the donor lists and see how much Wall Street money Jim Demint, for example gets. In its essence it is the party of the Old America, the small town, the entrepreneur, the small business man, the farmer. And it is the party of personal responsibility; the chance to win beyond your wildest imagination, and to lose too, and pick yourself up and try again. Conservative ( which Webster defines as: “tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions : traditional.”) in other words ‘ “If it aint broke; why are we trying to fix it?”

There are not many Republican heroes; Lincoln certainly; Teddy Roosevelt, with a bunch of reservation; and Reagan and that pretty well covers it. Harding should probably be in there but, the Progressives calumny against him stuck. And, of course the Founding Fathers, pretty much all of them. If you read the Reagan quote in the sidebar, you’ll see why.

That’s all well and good, now let’s turn it over to people who know what they are talking about: PumaBydesign

At least 25% of the Democratic Party is Black American. The Democratic Party has convinced the Black American community that the Republican Party is racist when in fact it is Democrats. It is time the Republican Party step up to the plate and set history straight.

However, in the meantime, it should be noted that in the 1860′s during the Dredd Scott trial, the Democratic Party was split into two parts creating the Republican Party who supported Dredd Scott being a free man.

Please do read the rest and watch the video, it’s very enlightening.

All you need to do is THINK FOR YOURSELF, instead of following the herd.

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6 Responses to THINK For Yourself

  1. campingmaxx says:

    It is disappointing to see the extent to which people follow party lines. Although the parties traditionally represent opposing views, they should not push people into voting with them through bright lights and glitter. Hopefully people will move from their partisan voting, and start to vote for the candidate that best represents economic and individual prosperity.

    Here is a little history lesson that you would enjoy, Nebraska:


  2. Thank you, and you are correct. I came off here more of a party type than I am. I also think that there are 2 Republican parties. The party of individualism that came down from Lincoln (including some of his aggression toward the states). And then there is the Rockefeller Republican wing (for lack of a better term) that came down from the Gilded Age tycoons and such. When I titled this Think, I really did mean it.


  3. bydesign001 says:

    “All you need to do is THINK FOR YOURSELF, instead of following the herd.”

    Truer words were never spoken. This is an excellent post, you covered everything not like a Republican but like an American, i.e., a patriot.

    I have copied your post to show to my great-niece and grandchildren.

    I wish for my country that one day we would all wake up, labels long forgotten.


    • Thanks, D, I am honored.

      In truth I started to comment on yours and decided it was going to be way too long, in my mind, yours is integral to this.

      On the labels thing, we are in good company, that’s how George Washington felt as well.


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