A Milestone, of Sorts

I seem to have hit a milestone of sorts with this little blog. Last night I had my 1000th view. I have no idea whether that is good or bad as new blogs go, and care very little. No doubt if I tried all the tricks and put half-naked ladies in for no apparent purpose I could increase my readership but, it’s just not how I work. (Not that I object to half-naked ladies, or anything!)

I started this  on 15 July because I was bored (business this summer was very slow) and needed something to blow off steam with the administrations policies and I like to talk about history. Well it has certainly worked for that.

I have a good time writing this, and the research it entails, and I hope it shows. Like I said at the beginning what you are getting is mostly my opinion, I’m not going to spend hours and hours on research but, I do try to be reasonably accurate.

One thing that has pleased me is that those of you who read me are intelligent and sane, and have good vocabularies. You should hear what I tell WordPress’s grammar checker  (actually it’s not fit for tender ears). I (and you) got out of fifth grade a while ago. I try to write as an adult for adults. I’ve also found that I’m maybe a bit better writer than I thought. My TA in English 101 probably wouldn’t agree though. (I still think James Joyce wrote  Ulysses to make money to buy more booze, too.)

So this is a thank you. I’ve enjoyed writing these posts and I hope you have enjoyed reading (and hopefully thinking about) them. I also really enjoy how your comments make me think. What am I going to write about later today (or tomorrow)? I have no idea, that’s part of the fun.

Thanks again.

And because I can’t resist. From History.com

Today is the 231st Anniversary of the Battle of King’s Mountain as well as the 10th Anniversary of the attack on Afghanistan.

In business history Ford’s assembly line began moving today. Within a year it cut assembly time from 12.5 man/hours to 93 man/minutes. This allowed Ford to reduce the price to where almost everyone could afford a car.

And finally, as an old Bears fan:

On October 7, 1984, Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton becomes the NFL’s all-time rushing leader, breaking the record Cleveland’s Jim Brown set in 1965. In front of 53,752 people at Soldier Field, Payton carried the ball 154 yards and finished the game with a new career rushing record–12,400 yards, 88 more than Brown.


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3 Responses to A Milestone, of Sorts

  1. msgeode says:

    Thank you for noting the anniversary of The Battle of King’s Mountain. My grandfather was wounded severely at The Battle of Waxhaws, but survived. He was Major Charles Robertson, the first trustee of the Wautaugua Settlement, and was assigned by North Carolina Patriot militia leaders
    John Sevier to watch the settlement during the battle, the first colonial settlement in America, to protect the women and children during the battle. His sons fought alongside Sevier. Later, his younger brother, Jame Robertson, went up the Chattahoochee River on rafts with Donelson and 200 men to found Ft. Nashburough. Seeing the mural of battle at Ft. Nashbourough in the great hall of The State Capitol of Tennessee, as well noting his patriotism there in the first three volumes of the Daughters of the American Revolution, was certainly a thrill in that I learned this lately in a life without a true father in the home. Charles’ daughter Nancy married a Pierce in Andy Jacklson’s western White House. .


  2. msgeode says:

    And, congratulations of carrying on the tradition of what makes America great — spreading the word of our history and culture and patriotism. One thousand comments is QUITE AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!


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