Solyndra Part 5429? (I’m not sure either)

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I know I’ve written four times about this but, I choose not to write about it every day, I (and you) get bored with it. But Solyndra, like Fast and Furious, and Old Man River, just keeps rolling along.

This installment is from the Washington Post via Hot Air and Melissa Clouthier and details how layoff announcement was delayed till 3 November 2010 at the cost of $40 Billion taxpayer dollars.

The Washington Post broke this story earlier this morning.  Does anyone want to argue that Solyndra isn’t a scandal now?

“The Obama administration urged officers of the struggling solar company Solyndra to postpone announcing planned layoffs until after the November 2010 midterm elections, newly released e-mails show. …

“Solyndra’s chief executive warned the Energy Department on Oct. 25, 2010, that he intended to announce worker layoffs Oct. 28. He said he was spurred by numerous calls from reporters and potential investors about rumors the firm was in financial trouble and was planning to lay off workers and close one of its two plants.

“But in an Oct. 30, 2010, e-mail, advisers to Solyndra’s primary investor, Argonaut Equity, explain that the Energy Department had strongly urged the company to put off the layoff announcement until Nov. 3. The midterm elections were held Nov. 2, and led to Republicans taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Read the Article.

About the only thing I find even slightly humorous about this debacle is that Hot Air commenters are referring to Michelle Malkin referring to Obama as Icarus and recalling his fate. I’m reasonably certain at this point that if the Republicans had won the Senate, impeachment would be in the air.

But at least its only a year until elections.


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4 Responses to Solyndra Part 5429? (I’m not sure either)

  1. mstrmac711 says:

    sometimes the problem with draining the swamp is that you find all the barrels of toxic waste you have been hiding all these years. This administration and congress are the poster children for everything that is wrong with our country right now. Greed, ineptitude, incompetence, self serving, self preserving and arrogant. Did Obama’s people really think no one would notice or do you think they just don’t care? Yesterday I saw a sign at one of the occupy something or other meetings asking “Where are you Obama?”. I just didn’t have the heart to tell the guy that his leader was sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach in Hawaii trying to digest his steak and arrugala.


  2. For what’s its worth Mac (probably not very much) I think they thought Chicago had come to Washington. They would never lose an election and the corruption would be buried forever.

    This type of crap is exactly how Chicago worked (sorta-kinda-maybe) and everybody knew it and nobody ever did anything about it. I had a chance to obtain a Chicago supervisory electrical license when I was about 21 for $25 cash. In those days, that was good pretty much all over the world.

    For the rest, this group of clowns never had so many chips to play with, some is corruption and some is sheer incompetence, I think. None of them, it seems, from Obama down, ever ran or even worked at) a lemonade stand.

    The Augean stables stink worse Zucotti Park, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot of Febreeze to clean up after this mess.


  3. Freedom, by the way says:

    The story gets worse and worse. I sure hope the average voter is paying at least a little attention.


    • That would be helpful, wouldn’t it?


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