Perry’s Plan

Governor Perry; Courtesy of Perry for President

While I’m not Governor Perry’s greatest fan, some of his plans take your breath away.

Mostly, like most conservatives, I have trouble with his immigration policies, and yet, as we should have learned from the McNamara Line, an American Soldier (or cop) is far more effective than a fence (with or without Alligators), and if you’ve got all these illegals, maybe it’s better to educate them than support them forever, so there you go.

But his plan for reforming Washington, that I can unreservedly support.

Fundamental Reform of the Legislative Branch

Fundamental Reform of the Judiciary

Fundamental Reform of the Executive Branch
Regulatory Reform and Reining in the Federal Bureaucracy
Regulatory Reform

Read the rest here.

Unless we make a lot of changes in Congress, it will never happen but, it’s a good start on what we need to do.

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3 Responses to Perry’s Plan

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    I read his plan and its got a lot a good stuff in it. But I would go back a lot further than 2008 on regulation inspection. Ditto for executive orders.


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