Friends, Acquaintances, Interests, Frenemies,& Enemies

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We are going to talk here about categories of friendship. I (like you) have friends that I would willingly give my life for, I have acquaintances that I share interests with, they may be friends but, not like the close friends above, I also have interests; for instance, I might be nice to the idiot clerk in a store to get better service, and I have enemies (or at least adversaries).

This applies to us personally and to our countries as well. It is often quoted (I think it was Bismarck but, can’t seem to find it tonight) that “Great powers have interests, not friends”. That is pretty much true. A Great Power like the United States does have interests all over the world. They range from the cost of production in China to the cost of gasoline in Turkey and involve everything in between (going both ways around the world). We have adversaries and we have what some call frenemies.

But the exception which proves the rule, we also have friends, countries which will throw themselves in front of the train to save us and that we will do the same for them. We (and they) have proved that friendship over and over, usually in war but, in peace also. Who are these friends? You know as well as I. The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and my point today: Israel.

Why have they become friends? Because more often than not, our interests are at least congruent, if not always the same. Usually it involve individual freedom, non-aggression, equal rights for all, religious freedom and such causes.

Israel has become the United States little sister, democratic, friendly, taking no sh*t from anyone. It doesn’t hurt that we were the very first country to recognize the state of Israel, nor did it hurt  when Nixon, during the Yom Kippur war, resupplied Israel using the US Air Force because nobody in Europe wanted to give us landing rights but, you don’t let friends die because of landing rights, do you? I would have expected this between Jerusalem and the “New Jerusalem”. We have also remained far more cognizant of the difference between good and evil than our European cousins.

Anyway, one of the things I find most troubling about the present administration is their penchant for insulting our friends, from returning the Churchill bust, to bowing to the Saudis, to always considering Israel to be in the wrong. The recent comments of our ambassador to Belgium (link here) blaming Israel for middle eastern anti-Semitism is just appalling.

This is discussion from the former Ambassador to the US from Israel is quite good.

You get a link because I can’t seem to get this to embed, Sorry, check it out.

We need the idiots fired next year, before we run out of our friends patience with our people.


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2 Responses to Friends, Acquaintances, Interests, Frenemies,& Enemies

  1. mstrmac711 says:

    The progressives have no choice but to link Israel with evil. Jewsih people who follow the laws have proven time and again that they are the shining examples of man’s ability to overcome poverty and dire circumstances. Two of the reasons progressives hate them are directly related to this indomitable human spirit. First, they have shown throughout the centuries that it is possible to rise from the ashes without the government standing over them. Second, they have shown that redistribution of wealth is the signal that governmental programs that create welfare states do nothing more than allow people to have access to other people’s wealth and destroys individualism. I would rather have one Israel on my side than a hundred unreliable Arab nations.


  2. Agree and agree


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