Close the Border, Now


Hezbollah Image by gianlucacostantini via Flickr

As if we needed another reason to close the southern border, now come news that the Mexican drug cartels are in partnership with Hezbollah. That’s just so peachy-keen. This is from Pro-Publica:

U.S. authorities are building a politically explosive case that Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group, finances itself through a vast drug-smuggling network that links a Lebanese bank, a violent Mexican cartel and U.S. cocaine users.

Federal prosecutors Tuesday charged Ayman Joumaa, an accused Lebanese drug kingpin and Hezbollah financier, of smuggling tons of U.S.-bound cocaine and laundering hundreds of millions of dollars with the Zetas cartel of Mexico.

“Ayman Joumaa is one of top guys in the world at what he does: international drug trafficking and money laundering,” a U.S. anti-drug official said. “He has interaction with Hezbollah. There’s no indication that it’s ideological. It’s business.”

Well, I certainly find the last sentence a comfort, I’m glad that the Zetas cartel doesn’t let ideology interfere with making a buck.

Then there’s the fact that Hezbollah is pretty much controlled by Iran. They probably do let ideology interfere with making a buck.

Now a powerful partner in Lebanon’s government, Hezbollah presents itself as a legitimate political party and rejects allegations of terrorism. But Tuesday’s case reflects increasing concern that Hezbollah and its ally, Iran’s intelligence service, are expanding their presence in Latin America as conflict with the West intensifies over Iran’s nuclear program.

Hezbollah allegedly uses the cocaine trade to develop revenue and build foreign networks, according to U.S., European and Israeli officials. In October, the Justice Department charged an Iranian-American resident of Texas and two Iranian intelligence officers with plotting to hire Mexican cartel gunmen to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

Then there is this from the Heritage Foundation’s The Foundry:

Noteworthy was a comment by Lebanon’s drug enforcement chief, Colonel Adel Mashmoushi, who stated that one path used by Hezbollah’s drug trafficking friends into Lebanon was “aboard a weekly Iranian-operated flight from Venezuela to Damascus and then over the border [from Syria].” The air bridge between Caracas and Tehran has long been a significant security concern.

The indictment of Joumaa and further revelations regarding the important role of LCB come in the wake of last week’s Univision investigation of the role of Iran, including the growth of Hezbollah, in the Americas and the threat of Iranian cyber-attacks against the United States. Members of both houses of Congress have demanded or promised further probes into the allegations.

Nice to have friends in high places, isn’t it?

And finally from the New York Times  via Great Satan’s Girlfriend:

SINCE the mid-1980s, the militant groups Hezbollah and Hamas have tirelessly pursued armed resistance against Israel in the name of liberating Palestine — often with enormous Arab popular support.

But when a so-called resistance movement fails to support a bottom-up popular revolt against a tyrant, its leaders expose themselves as hypocrites.

That is precisely what is happening to Hezbollah. Faced with the Syrian people’s uprising against President Bashar al-Assad and a democratic tsunami sweeping the Middle East, Hezbollah’s alignment with Mr. Assad is destroying its reputation across the Arab world.

Poor Hezbollah, having to choose between the subjugation of, and killing of in the steets of Damascus, their fans or making a buck. Life’s not fair.

All things considered, I think it might be a (very) good idea to disrupt this line of communication. You know, act in our own and our allies interest just this once.

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