Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy:

They First Make Proud.

I’ve been churning over the debates some this weekend and I’ve come to some conclusions; obviously this is what I think, not driven by anything else, your mileage may vary.


I don’t completely trust him, the things he did as Massachusetts Governor, i.e, Romneycare, court nominations et. al., they all bug me. Then again, he was Governor of Massachusetts, would it have been better to be totally ineffective, so I don’t know. Personally, he seems a bit cold and standoffish but again he comes from the Northeast and I’ve never heard of Massachusetts friendly.

His record at Bain Capital is outstanding. Yes, people were let go in the target companies, so what. How does that compare with Staples for instance going from one store that was probably going to fail to over 2000 stores. That’s creating jobs. That’s also capitalism and the concomitant creative destruction in action.

Overall, I’m reasonably comfortable with Romney, he doesn’t wildly excite me but he doesn’t repel me either. Like them all, we need to keep an eye on him.


If he could be elected Home Secretary to reform the domestic government, he’d be the best thing since canned beer. Unfortunately, we only have one president. Until he realizes we can’t depend on the Royal Navy for protection anymore and learns that talking to dictators (especially ones with a messiah complex) doesn’t work, only intimidation and respect works. No, No, and No, did I mention No. It’s that “provide for the common defence” thing.


Here’s where the title come from, that one goes back to the ancient Greeks, if you don’t like that try “pride goeth before the fall”. We might also want to remember that pride is senior on the list of the seven deadly sins. This is what I see, in Gringrich. I want to like him, really I do. What I see is a man with some conservative tendencies who has been perverted by spending too long in Washington and coming to believe that the cure for big government is His big government. The latest and strongest indicator for me was his defense of GSE’s the other night. He and Paul might make good co-presidents, Paul handling domestic and Gingrich foreign affairs. Neither has enough of the whole package. For me, he ranks right above Paul, he’ll take us off the cliff, all right, slower than Obama, though.


I like her, I think she might make a good president. I nearly always agree with her. I do have some problems with her though. The first is that running a tax law practice is not like being the CEO of the United States, she’s very limited on relevant experience, nor is legislative experience transferable to the executive. My second problem is that I think she’s a bit too quick on the attack, in a representative it’s fine but, it going to make it difficult to drive a balky team as president. I think someplace in House leadership for now, or maybe the Vice Presidency, maybe later.


I have no problem with him although he is a bit aggressive. He really needs tire chains for his campaign though. Is he electable? That’s the real question here.


For now, and subject to change, this is my guy. Perfect, no. Do not let the perfect get in the way of good enough. I understand why so many have problems with his immigration policies but, I think I understand his reasoning.

A fence, while sounding good, isn’t that effective, if we are going to control the border we do it with troops (or police). That works. As long as opportunities in the US are much greater than in Mexico, illegals will be a problem. If you had a family to feed and the situation were reversed, you’d consider it too, or at least, I would. As to the tuition thing, for at least ten years we’ve made very little effort to control the border, if one is going to have illegals in your state, isn’t it better to educate them and let them earn a living than end up with them on everlasting welfare? At least that how I read what he’s saying.

Immigration policies need major reform, anyway, we make it very difficult for the productive people, that we need, to immigrate. These people will create jobs and make us more productive, instead they are going to China and India.

The Gardisil thing looked troubling on first glance, so I looked into it a bit. The vaccination cost about $1-200 dollars, as I recall, by making it mandatory, and giving a (very) easy opt-out the cost was reduced significantly and insurance was obliged to cover it. Not a perfect solution but, a practical one.

Job growth and the economy in Texas pretty much speaks for itself, if this keeps up, it’s going to be like the early 1800’s in Tennessee, when GTT (gone to Texas) was a cliché.

That’s what I see in him, an easy-going, practical man, grounded in (conservative) principles. One thing I really like is that he doesn’t appear to be so full of himself as the others, witness his jokes about his debate performance. Being an Air Force pilot doesn’t hurt with me either, only veteran this time out, other than Paul. He doesn’t remind me of Bush, although I do detect a faint whiff of Reagan around him.

There you go, that’s my current snapshot, again your mileage may vary, if so, I’d be interested in your reasoning. It’s early yet, at least for me, Nebraska’s primary is fairly late, so we rarely get a voice, not that we don’t have opinions.

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5 Responses to Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy:

  1. boudicabpi says:

    I’m still undecided. The only thing I have decided is anybody but Obama. Jack O’Lantern would be better IMO.
    Bob A.


  2. msgeode says:

    Donald Trump is now thinking of a third candidacy for himself. LOL


  3. It’s a good and fair snapshot; thank you for providing it. I pretty much agree, but haven’t any details to add. Tap my shoulder when the nomination’s been made, /cause I don’t want any part of it, ifn you don’t mind, lol.

    And have a very. Merry Christmas.



  4. Ah, Lin, that’s why I don’t write about it very much either. Once in while, OK, 24/7 is too much. Merry Christmas to you guys, too.


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