Random Stuff I’ve Run Across

This is the equivalent of a document dump. Random stuff that I’ve accumulating and don’t have (or am too lazy to find) enough for  a post of its own.

So Obama has thrown in his lot withSilicon Valley paymasters who threaten all software creators with piracy, plain thievery. –


Piracy leader is Google who streams movies free, sells advts around them. No wonder pouring millions into lobbying.

  • The Daly History Blog reports that the Royal Navy is making plans to move out of Faslane in case the Scottish vote to secede from the United Kingdom passes, and that there is a proposal to build a new Royal Yacht for the Queen’s  Diamond Jubilee this year. Read the whole article.
  • Thanks to Dan Riehl(@DanRiehl) for tweeting this story. It’s here via Mark America. Here is a list of Mitt Romney‘s largest contributors, as Mark notes, I don’t see many mom-and-pop operations on here. In fact it looks suspiciously like what Obama’s did last time I saw it. That’s probably all I need to say.

    Romney's largest contributors: via zerohedge.com

  • And finally Practically Historical has some links about Martin Luther King, Jr. You can find them here. A very great man whose legacy has been lost in the racism of his successors.

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2 Responses to Random Stuff I’ve Run Across

  1. bydesign001 says:

    Excellent post Dave with lots of goodies. I like that. You have just proven exactly that which I suspect Mitt Romney = Barack Obama.

    In that I mean that I see Romney as a Progressive Republican and although he talks the talk and Progressives are on the attack that it is all talk to confuse and distract. There is only but so many times Obama could successfully get away with kicking his financial benefactors in their back pockets so now they’re placing their bets on Romney. Personally, I see no difference between the two.

    As for Rupert Murdoch, while I do not share his views, I understand where he is coming from. Murdoch has finally been burned, humiliated (and possibly humbled) by the very unforgiving elitist Marxist machine and I suspect that it has left the man feeling his age. At this point, Murdoch is in fear that his decades of hard work, i.e., his legacy will end up down the toilet.

    What I should do is send him a bill for this session.

    I did not do anything in particular on my blog this year in honor of King. Maybe I will do something before week’s end but it was sort of a protest against Progressives (black and white) who have tainted King’s legacy by using the race card to instill what Progressives have termed “white guilt” for the purpose of demanding more money from the coffers of hardworking Americans.

    I am sick of them trying to filch the pockets of taxpayers for their own greed in the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s disgusting.


  2. Yep, D. That’s how I see Romney, too.

    I also think you might be right on Murdoch and Newscorp for that matter. Be interesting to see what Fox and WSJ cover tomorrow.

    I’m really glad to hear you say that about MLK, since obviously I feel the same. I couldn’t find an appropriate way to address it.

    Re your last paragraph: Amen


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