Romney: the Loser’s Bet

You all know, who read this blog regularly that I support Rick Perry, I’ve told you why, and I’ll add that my second choice is Rick Santorum. That said, here are the reasons that I cannot support Mitt Romney.

Have you noticed that the establishment of the Republican party wants us to nominate Romney? I speak for nobody but me but, I do NOT believe Romney can win. Why:

  • Romney-care. While it may be marginally constitutional on the state level, it is the father of Obamacare. Obamacare is the issue on which some  60% + of the American people agree with us. Nominate Romney and we lose that issue. If the Supreme Court doesn’t find it unconstitutional, and that’s decidedly in question, it will be in force forever, just like the other entitlements. It’s now or never. Does the establishment care? In a word: NO. If you haven’t noticed the establishment is all for big government. LOSE
  • Bain Capital. Romney’s record is somewhat defensible but, it’s complicated and most of our countrymen aren’t going to take the time to understand. There are also a lot of ties to the big Wall St. banks which will have to be defended, I don’t know about you but this makes me uneasy. If I’m uneasy, what are Americans who don’t pay attention going to listen to? Yep, slogans from Obama, and sound bites from Newt and Perry. Also, Bain relied a lot on government (at all levels) to make their schemes work. See the history of Steel Dynamics for more.
  • Electability. Romney won election once as Massachusetts governor, he chose not to run for reelection. As nice as his family seems, I doubt he really wanted to spend more time with them. He figured he was going to lose. Does he really think it’s going to be easier to beat Obama? I don’t. Obama’s entire skill set is in getting elected, honestly, dishonestly, by whatever means necessary. To beat Obama you need very enthusiastic people. Know anybody enthusiastic about Romney? I Don’t. LOSE
  • Independents. The conventional wisdom is that Romney will appeal to moderates and independents. How? By being all things to all men? It’s never worked before. What appeals to independents is someone who (whatever his beliefs) knows himself. Why? Because with a man (or woman) of character, you know what to expect. We knew, within reason, what Obama was all about, as we do with Santorum, Perry, Paul, even Gingrinch. It’s not very dignified to have your finger stuck up in the wind all the time. Not to mention that we did this with Dole and McCain, How did that work out for us? LOSE
  • Charisma. This covers a lot but part of it is, would you like to follow Romney much of anywhere? Me neither. Anybody interested in having a beer with Romney? Yawn. Think he’s going to have any coattails to help candidates on lower levels? Fill in your own questions here, I think you’ll find the same answers. LOSE

This isn’t a bullet point because it’s not well enough formed in my mind. Do you think the Republican establishment (and in general the Ruling Class) would rather have Obama or a conservative win? Remember the Republican establishment is just as much about big government as the Democrats are. Conservatives threaten that entire thing about doing business as usual, and that’s far more important to them than defeating Obama.

One other thing, Mark America picked up in that interview that Christie did with Oprah. Christie says that he’ll be more ready in to run for President in 2016. I’d say that’s true. But if he believes that Romney is going to win, why would he assume that he won’t be running for reelection in 2016. Seems to me he should have said 2020 unless he believes that Romney will lose.

I can’t speak for you but I have a strong preference for nominating a candidate I can believe in, even if we lose (which if it’s a proper campaign, I don’t believe  we will) and not the establishment’s it’s-my-turn candidate who’s basically Obama-Lite. Mittens, indeed. LOSER!!!

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