Bottom Up, Top Down

occu-thugs: via mark America

Do you remember that Van Jones speech that Glenn Beck used to play (on Fox) on how the revolution would commence? Are we seeing it start? Maybe we are. As I’m sure you all know the occupiers and the police had a (sort of) battle last night. I know there is nothing too unusual about that, when these scum useful idiots decide to try something new. But could there be more behind it this time? Sure there could.

I’m not claiming any great insight here, like most of you, I back off some on the weekend, eventually I just can’t handle our situation and need a break. But this morning, Green Mountain Scribes in their post on denial (which I reblogged) stated this:

Sadly, from within our borders and starting long ago socialists, progressives, Marxists and others comprising a vile stew of leftists now wholly owns the Democratic Party and is infiltrating the Republican Party, and these people have declared war on our Natural Rights and liberties.

We can continue to deny realities and, while denial can be comforting, the inaction it breeds will certainly prove costly. Or, we can unite and act with the courage now desperately required of each among us and confront the uncomfortable and frightening realities of tyranny.

Conservatives must immediately awaken to the reality of this war and each among us must commit to organize, become involved in some capacity in our communities, states, and nationally. We must unite together, engage our ranks and keep each other engaged through the tough battles that lie ahead motivated by the horrid potential that if we do not unseat tyrants in November, we may well not have another chance.

He’s right. And further if we don’t pay attention we may not even get that chance. If you remember the early history of Nazi Germany, you know that Hitler consolidated his power after some Sturmabteilung (SA) thugs acting on National Socialist Workers Party (NSDAP, Nazi) orders torched the Reichstag. In the aftermath of that the liberties of the Weimar Republic disintegrated, and the first to go were the SA thugs. If I were a member of the Occupy movement, I would study that very carefully. But then they have probably never had a real history course. Once a useful idiot, always a useful idiot.

Are we seeing something similar in the United States? I think so, and so do others, including Mark America.

How does this tie into the Reichstag fire? First, I remember back in the sixties during the antiwar protests, the protesters would show up with the occasional M-1 helmet, but shields, patterned after the ones police use? You think they might have thought there was going to be trouble? Second, the Oakland Police Department is only weeks away from being taken over by the Federal Government and is already supervised by a former Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent, it’s been troubled agency for years.  (LINK, Sorry but it’s to HuffPo) Third, our police forces have become (while we weren’t looking) less under control as well as paramilitary forces. Fourth, Van Jones, himself, is from Oakland and we all know how many radical liberals live there.

To quote Mark America:

It’s ridiculous. This is nothing but another sorry attempt to create civil unrest to the degree that the feds will have an excuse to become involved.  This is all being directed from the White House or its surrogates anyway, so there shouldn’t be any surprise. Isn’t Oakland the home turf to one Van Jones?  Yes, I think so, and I believe he was the one who told us that those at the bottom needed to rise up so that those at the top could clamp down, or something to that effect.

Read the entire post.

In other news, it increasingly appears that the Establishment Republican Party would rather lose to Obama than run anybody but Romney, whom I don’t believe would win. I suspect you all saw Pam Bondi, the Florida AG the other night on Greta saying that Romney thinks that we should all have Romney-care and if he’s elected, she would be on his health advisory board. Why would a Conservative republican want to be there, we all know that the whole department need to be disbanded. I would say because Romney has bought and paid for her, just like others, can you say Nikki Haley?

Again drawing on Mark, Gingrich with all his flaws, which are real, seems to be drawing up a conservative roster including Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Allen West, whom the Florida GOP appears to be redistricting out of Congress. We have also seen this week the incredible and false attacks on Gingrich by Romney and all his  (and the GOP’S) surrogates, led by Matt Drudge. Also note that Fox, whom we have all depended on, more or less, is moving quite quickly to the left, their coverage is getting closer and closer to the party line.

Here is what Mark (and I agree) believes Newt is doing:

Watching Herman Cain endorse Newt Gingrich on Saturday night, I think I glimpsed a bit of the future, because I think what Gingrich has been saying from the outset of this race is correct:  We must all set aside our petty differences and find a way to engineer victory as a team.  So far, among the candidates who entered the race, and have subsequently departed it, Cain and Perry, each once a front-runner, have endorsed Newt Gingrich. Now while it’s the undisputed truth that conservatives are a generally independent-minded lot, I don’t think we should fail to notice this.  I’ve told you before that a candidate who was an aggregate of the best parts of all of these would be great for the country, but alas, no such candidate stepped forward.  What we’re watching now, as Gingrich integrates these former competitors into his team is the result of having treated both of these men with due respect to their positions and experiences and accomplishments over their lives.  Gingrich has a big idea, all right, but it’s not about some mission to the moon.  Instead, I believe he’s focusing on building a team that can win in November and take the country back from Barack Obama.

Read the entire article.

I believe that Santorum will stay in the race in case that Newt doesn’t survive but at the end of the day, he will also join Newt’s campaign as an honored adviser. If Newt doesn’t survive, he (and the others) will join Santorum. This has gotten to be far bigger than the Republican nomination, these gentlemen are now  holding the future of the United States qua the United States in their hands.

There are assuredly a lot of undercurrents flowing here, so we need to pay very close attention, and be prepared to act as necessary. The stakes have become nothing less than American Freedom.


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