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News from the culture of death:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure has apparently decided that it is more important to appease the left and the abortionists baby killers at Planned Parenthood than to live with their own rules so they decided to restore the funding that they had removed only days ago. Other things I have read this week indicate that while they do do some good work in research, it only comprises about 32% of their budget. It seem they are the non-profit version of a crony capitalist doing a good job of getting government funding for their programs and probably themselves. They are a private group, so what they do with their budget is none of my business but, their budget will have to get by without any contribution from me. Not that they are likely to miss it.

Obama v The Roman Catholic Church. Obama seems to have decided to give the Church another year to figure out how to serve two masters: God and the US Government. At that point they will have to dispense birth control and kill babies or lose their health care funding if they want to serve other than their churchmembers. The Church has said they will close their healthcare system, good for them, that is the correct answer if they cannot exist without government funding. I’ve had few dealings with them, the few I have had (including the death of my mother) they were the most compassionate and helpful group you could ever ask for in a time of trouble.

The point here is that government should not be involved in healthcare.

While were on the subject of religion, if you are a politician who believes that charity should be enforced by stealing my earnings at the point of a gun would you please just quit trying to convince me that Jesus want you to. He wants me to be charitable and help the unfortunate all right. But it is not charitable to steal to help others to lazy to work. Two Bible quote (not verbatim) on point: Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and If a man shall not work neither shall he eat.

In other news:

The minimum wage causes unemployment amongst the young. Of course it does, Duh, when you are starting out you don’t have the skills to earn that much after the costs of employment are covered (usually) Alan over at Green Mountain Scribes has a post up about this. Link here.

The State of Education:

The indoctrination of our young people goes on. They don’t teach history anymore, except for the perverted liberal/progressive version. Mark America think he might have a partial cure. What would happen if we grown up conservative went back to school and gave the so-called professors a rebuttal all day every day, after all the facts and logic are on our side. I like it. Link here.

Along the same lines; what is education for? In my opinion, beyond which reading, writing, and arithmetic (yes, it would be nice, if the public schools would at least teach this much) the purpose of education is to teach young minds to think critically and question everything. Beyond 2+2=4 one needs to question how the author, professor, propagandist came to his conclusion and is it logical.

With reference to how well the schools are doing, have you seen this video? I’ll wait over here while you dry your tears whether they are from laughing at these idiots or crying for our future. Hat tip to the Chicks on the Right.

So the world is still going to hell in a handbasket but the slope is getting steeper and slipperier.



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  1. Alan Sexton says:

    Not only are American values and our Judeo-Christian faith and heritage under attack, we have youngsters like these in the wings… We are fighting this battle against two enemies-evil, and ignorance. May God help us and bless our efforts.


  2. Eh, I understand, academia can be frustrating….but you can’t take hack job shops like Hillsdale, Grove City, and Oral Roberts and call them higher education….


  3. oh, wow. My fourth grader knows more than many of those kids. Wow, that is just plain scary. How did you find that video, and do you know where it is?



    • Hi Linda, I found it at the Chicks on the Right link above. The you tube doesn’t say much more, it’s the only video he’s uploaded, from context (used loosely) I’d say Washington state but that’s all I know.

      It’s pretty scary all right.


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