The Conservative Strategy for Winning; Long Term

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Can we win, long term? Sure!

We are the smart ones, remember? Yeah, us Conservatives, we know how to think, to plan, to execute, to continue the mission, and accomplish the mission. When I do this sort of stuff in business, I start with the US Army’s operation order:


  1. America is going broke and  losing the freedom of the individual
  2. We needs to return the US to its historical roots while not relinquishing our presence and force for the good and right world-wide
  3. Reinforcements are everywhere there is someone who thinks rationally. One could start with my blogroll and the one found at those sites. One could also look for conservative media and commentators.

The Mission:

The American Counterrevolution. Take America back to the Constitutional Republic the Founders envisioned, while remaining the only people who will go out into the world to fight evil.


Think, talk, and act on the mission at all times, be ready with rational answers, above all Keep the Faith; act on it and vote on it.

Supplies and Materials:

Books, Blogs, watch Videos, talk radio, Your Energy and Belief in the cause.

Projected time frame:

Initial Objective: Republican Nomination, and Senate and House candidates.

Next Objective: General Election, Republican Nominee for president (preferably conservative) and all the (real) conservatives we can find at every level, including dog-catcher, everybody has to start at somewhere and prove they are conservative.

Follow on Objective: Primary those in 2014 and 2016 who are not holding the line. Look how much better Orrin Hatch has been since the election of Mike Lee.

Next Follow on Objective: 2016 election cycle. We have great conservatives coming up, none of them are perfect, and your perfect and mine might be different, anyway. Don’t let the good get away looking for the perfect.

And keep on keeping on. We didn’t get here in four years and we won’t get back in four years either.

That’s the short form. Kurt Schlichter was talking in a similar vein recently at Big Government:

The GOP Establishment we keep hearing about is real, and it is also doomed.

That will not change whether the Establishment’s candidate Mitt Romney wins in November or not.  After the election, the battle really starts; what is happening now are just skirmishes in a fight for control of the Republican Party.  Not the soul of the party – if it had one, it auctioned it off long ago – but the mechanism of the party.  The Grand Old Party matters only as a vehicle to carry our banner forward.

To do that, we need to seize control, and we do that by destroying the Establishment starting next November 7th.

Superficially, it might seem that we – the outsiders, the Tea Party, the conservatives, whatever the label – are outgunned by opponents with their hands on the reins of power, money in amounts we can’t hope to match, and pals in the media backing them.  But if we understand our strengths, and our opponents’ weaknesses, we can not only compete but eventually prevail.

First, let’s understand our opponent.

The GOP Establishment is an amorphous entity composed of politicians, media types, consultants, writers, lobbyists, party hacks and donors whose first priority is protecting their positions and privileges.  Power, and holding onto it, is more important than ideology.  That’s where we conservatives differ – we have no formal power or position, so changing the power structure doesn’t scare us.  We have nothing to lose; the GOP Establishment has everything to lose.

So, how do we beat it?

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Can we do this? Of course we can, we’re Americans aren’t we!!

Political Moneyball: The Conservative Strategy for Winning the Fight Coming After the Election.


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  1. Kathy Blake says:

    I like your plan.


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