America’s Place in the World, and Why It Is and Must Remain So.

The Colossus of Freedom

I write a lot about America, where we came from, who we are, where we are, and where we are going. I firmly believe that while we can’t be the cop walking every beat every where in the world, all the time; we must act to prevent the worst outrages and assure world peace.

As the Navy says, “A Force for Good“. Anybody who doesn’t believe that about America is an uneducated simpleton or has nefarious designs of their own. America has been “the indispensable nation” for a century now and the world has become a far safer place for it. And that doesn’t include the far better living standard, far lower disease rates, and far higher standards of personal liberty that America has wrought, worldwide.

If we pay attention to our knitting now, this happy state of affairs for the world population will continue for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday, Great Satan’s Girlfriend had quite a lot to say about this too, in her own inimitable style, of course.

“Living in Amerika – Coca Cola – Wunderbra”

Rammstein”s timeless delightful little ditty (j’ever note they look a lot like ancient dead 3rd Reich cats – it’s true der F himself along with a posse looking a lot like a younger healthier Reichsmarshall, Reichfuhrerand Org Todt”s Speer? Just saying)underscore the ancient fakebelieve Iraq War meme that Great Satan was single handedly jamming up the whole world beyond repair.

The world turned against Great Satan. Anti-American sentiments have swept the globe. Foreign leaders, pundits, and ordinary ppl decry Great Satan, at best proclaiming their heartbreak that the American values they once admired have vanished, and at worst condemning America as a criminal state beyond redemption

Regime changing Iraq (defeating the largest Arab army in history in 20 days!) on a guess no less, blowing off Kyoto, the spread of American movies, American music, KFC and Mickey D’s unto the ends of the earth. Incarcerating especial creeps at Club Gitmo in those ‘4ever Detentions” – not to mention the barbaric practise of executing killers, often after years of incarceration.

Alla that unbound Great Satan Hating piled up faster on a girl than uncles at a Thanksgiving game of touch football and tend to create

“… a feeling that Great Satan, once a force for good in the world, is
abusing its position as the world’s sole superpower. “

The meme has changed a bit into all that decline chiz – yet it is nigh imposs to LOL decline as anything other than a choice. Albeit a woefully weak minded, 2 dimensional choice, either deliberately deceitful or uninformed choice. (Not a cut – yours truly has made tonnes of suck choices – often while critical thinking  was dismissed in the uh, heat, of , uh, combat). 

Most cats in Great Satan never got the memo that decline is inevitable. In fact an amazing 70% of Americans today desire and enjoy globestomping, kicking assets and being the world’s hyperpuissant hottie – unique – the only one of her kind!

Why cause?


1st off – most Americans – for whatever reasons – are alot like those wickedly delish uberselfish hotties – “Yeah. Guys have feelings too, but like, who cares!”

Americans simply do not care what all foreign haters, goobs, creeps, control freaks and girl haters think of Great Satan – and by extension – all her hot fun and free choice allies and little sisters like Taiwan, Nippon or SoKo etctoo.

Plus –

“It is premature for us to conclude, after ten thousand years of war, that a few decades and some technological innovations would change the nature of man and the nature of international relations.”

See, Great Satan is as hot as she ever was – and let us speak plainly here – gon get even hotter!   

One-third of all the R&D in the world happens in Great Satan, one-quarter of the world’s economy is America (with 6 percent of world population) and is increasing. Add the fact that the Great Satan”s military power is way more powerful than the next 12 largest militaries combined and hello Batman!  It magically creates what that French foreign minister cat nom d”guerr”d “l”hyperpuissant”

Read it all, and think about it, this election year.

So there you have it. America’s place in the sun, otherwise known as “The City on the Hill“, why it’s good for the (especially common) people everywhere and why we need to continue on our uniquely American Journey.


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2 Responses to America’s Place in the World, and Why It Is and Must Remain So.

  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    If I didn’t have the good fortune to be born in America, I would have made it my goal to come here (legally), Mickey D’s and all.


    • Most of us would, and even those who wouldn’t have had their lives improved immensly because America exists as she is.


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