I like Mac’s game but, if you play make sure you are close to your bed!!!


Those must have been heady days for the true believers. The sun had not yet risen completely on the new day that was promised but the magic of the possibility stirred their hearts. Here was someone who spoke their language and truly understood their needs.


March 5th 2007 Selma Alabama


“You know, several weeks ago, after I had announced that I was running for the Presidency of the United States, I stood in front of the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois; where Abraham Lincoln delivered his speech declaring, drawing in scripture, that a house divided against itself could not stand.

And I stood and I announced that I was running for the presidency. And there were a lot of commentators, as they are prone to do, who questioned the audacity of a young man like myself, haven’t been in Washington too long.

And I acknowledge that there is…

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  1. mstrmac711 says:

    Thanks NEO… the nice thing about most conservatives is that they know when to have a designated driver


  2. Aye! We have to keep these words … and all of his lovely, eloquent poop dollops fresh in our minds as we march through the election process. We all know the only HOPE he has of re-election is to distract us from the real issues, and we all know he is able to do that, especially since he has the MSM working with him. Only the TRUTH can stop him!


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