OK, Here’s the New Chevy Volt Ad

With hatips to 12iggymom’s Blog and American Freedom.

The very best car you could expect from corporatism.


Yeah I know it’s a parody, except it’s not, really.

You know, back in the late sixties, Popular Mechanics, had a contest for the best plans to convert a VW Kombi to electric power, I didn’t build it but some did and never heard of it burning or burning down the garage it was in either. So much for progress.

I’m getting migraines from shaking my head at the stupidity of these people, is it 20 January 2013 yet? Please?


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7 Responses to OK, Here’s the New Chevy Volt Ad

  1. roblorinov says:

    LOL I’m going right out an buy one tomorrow!! NOT


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  3. Just bought a Nissan


  4. Freedom, by the way says:

    I recently bought a Nissan, too. I’m really hoping more suckers buy the Volt only to have it underperform or catch fire (no injuries, please) so then the greenies will see the error of their ways. Always looking for a silver lining.


  5. Well personally, I think I’ll stick with Ford diesel Super Duties, although if the economy doesn;t get better, it won’t be anytime soon. Then again, I probably use my vehicle differently than you two.


  6. jackcurtis says:

    Too many folk stuck in the past use techno thinking (which makes the Volt a bad joke) instead of government political-think which makes the Volt a guide. See, techno-thought says the Volt won’t do the miles and costs people want so it’s a joke; we need to re-Volt.

    After enlightenment sets in (or is set in by regulations) we then wiser minds will understand that it’s the people who must conform to the Volt’s design, not the other way ’round. 40 miles a day is enough energy use; get used to it!

    Or elect a different option…in November!


    • OK, here’s the thing, this is supposed to be a free country, that means that I buy what I want and if you want to sell me a car you would be well advised to design something that has greater range than my golf cart.

      You don’t see any of laughing at the Nissan leaf, do you? You know why? It’s a usable car not a sick joke in the market because some community organizer said so.

      The government has no business in, and is horribly incompetent in, the marketplace.

      Elect a different option in November? You Bet!


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