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This is the story of a major Hollywood producer, Daniel Knauf, a conservative who hid his politics for many years for fear of being ridiculed and blackballed. It fits in with the “Breitbart is here” post from earlier. This should be the start of a landslide movement in Hollywood and everywhere else. We are all Andrew Breitbart.

Knauf quickly found out that standing with America in the war on terror could get you blackballed in Tinseltown. He didn’t stand up, and didn’t say anything – but he saw what happened to those who did. But Knauf still kept his mouth shut. Until he met Andrew Breitbart. Knauf talks about how he only met Andrew “three or four times.” But Andrew’s death hit Knauf hard. And Knauf knew it was time to stand up.

But last night, something snapped.

12 years of silence. 12 years of cowardice. 12 years of humiliating…

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