If you want to see who is going to replace Andrew Breitbart: Look in the mirror.


I Am Andrew Breitbart

           Andrew Breitbart has inspired many deserving tributes in the past week, and the video I Am Andrew Breitbart is no exception.  It offers not only a true reflection of the man, but also what it truly means to be driven, to have a vision, to be able to articulate that vision, and to have that vision be sufficiently compelling enough to cause others to willingly follow.  That is the true definition of leadership.
           Too many among us assume that a leadership role automatically anoints a person in said role with the ability to lead, but nothing is further from the truth.  People are simply not ordained with leadership.  It must be demonstrated, cultivated, and earned – otherwise, it’s merely an anointed title.  True leaders understand that their role is to not only set a vision, but to lead by example and literally become…

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