I agree completely. Cong. West is a very good man, and I certainly hope he’ll think about this more.
This is how Washington has snuck its nose into everything from health care to the speed limit. No, we need far less of Washington, not more no matter how reasonable it may seem.


I greatly respect Colonel West and wish he were running for higher office. Were he to seek the Presidency, I would vote for him with enthusiasm.  However, on this matter I think he has stepped into a trap.

According to this article at his blog, Rep. West favors new federal legislation requiring states to impose uniform driver licensing requirements for teenagers in exchange for additional federal funding as well as to retain certain existing federal funding. The stated goals of the legislation, The Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection Act, appear on their face to be commendable.  When considering apparently good intentions, however, the detriments likely to accompany them must also be considered, fully and in light of history.  As noted in the last indented paragraph immediately below, the Secretary of Transportation would have authority to adopt “any other requirement” he might chose.

Here are the…

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  1. Seems contradictory to his stand on most of the issues. Like the rest of us, he’s human, and like you said, hopefully he’ll re-think this or clarify! Maybe he was anticipating a debate on a National Voter ID? Just sayin …


  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    Here’s the comment I posted at danmillerinpanima:
    We absolutely do not need Washington writing another one-size-fits-all law and mandating to the states about a matter over which states should keep total control. Frankly, I’m surprised at Col. West and disappointed.

    And I’ll add: So many states have pushed back the learners, drivers liscense age by a few or several months already. And I read that it really doesn’t matter what age you first start driving, your most dangerous year is going to be your first year, no matter if you’re 15 or 18.
    I hate the idea of this legislation. I can’t wait until my son starts driving. He gets his learners next year, his liscense his Jr. year and you can bet he’ll be driving at night when he gets back from away cross country meets and soccer games. Too many politicians don’t think about people who live in rurual areas where there is NO public transporation, NO taxis and you have to drive just to get a loaf of bread. In rural areas, a driver is a benefit for the family. But my bottom line is: STAY OUT OF OUR PERSONAL LIVES!!!


    • My bottom line is the same as yours. And your point is very valid.

      Out here maybe even more so, it’s often the kids driving the tractors by the time they’re 10 that allows our farmers to get crops planted and harvested in a timely manner. I’m inclined to think if we can trust them with a million dollar tractor and implement, we can probably trust them with a $1000 car. I started driving when I was about 10, under supervision but still.

      I haven’t looked lately, since my step-daughter grew up, but Nebraska had/has a school permit that one could get for certain puposes at 14 which worked very well.


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