Dinesh D’Souza at CPAC: Who is Obama?

I suspect many of you (like me) haven’t seen this, It’s Dinesh D’Souza at CPAC and he goes into Obama‘s motivations as well as anyone I’ve read/heard. That doesn’t surprise me at all, since most of the educated Indians I’ve run across have been very well educated, indeed. In addition they have had that exposure to anti-colonialism that confuses us so badly. Enjoy.

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11 Responses to Dinesh D’Souza at CPAC: Who is Obama?

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  3. jackcurtis says:

    Well, the most interesting Obamafact seems to me, that a lot of money and effort has gone into hiding his antecedents with the full protection of both parties and the media.

    Seems very telling, from here…


    • Agree, that’s probably the most interesting part. If there is nothing to hide, why hide it? I really doesn’t matter if he got mediocre grades after all.


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  6. i really haven’t heard much from Dinesh lately until this new movie, which I have yet to see but plan to do. I always admired his intellect and read his book Illiberal Education years ago that was a real fine exposure of the deterioration in our education system and the exploiting of race and sex on campus. He needs to be heard a bit more by all of us. Thanks for posting this.


    • He’s very good, and it looks like the movie is too.


  7. Jack Curtis says:

    Obie seems to me a golem, constructed and energized to perform the tasks he is performing. In between, when the pure Obama DNA is in charge, he ‘vacations.’
    Though that’s just one man’s theory…..


    • NEO says:

      Pretty much my view.


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