Obama: Executive Order 3/16/12 – National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order – Revised and Extended

Don’t panic quite yet.

When this turned up in my email last night I reblogged it without thinking too much. We are all so used to amazingly bad stuff that we automatically assume the end of the world as we know it in the Friday document drops. It’s a hell of a way to run a country but, that’s what we’ve got for the next 11 months.

None of us trust this administration to do anything that is right and proper for America. Why? Because we have learned that if they do it was probably a miscalculation.

This executive order and the law it’s based on go all the way back to 1950, if you remember (ask your grandparents) we were at war in Korea the Soviet Union had just gotten atomic bombs and we were worried about ‘continuity of government’. And we have continued to worry about that right up to the present day, and with cause.

None of this is to suggest that we shouldn’t keep a very close eye on the administration, we should. In fact, we should on all administrations. This bothered me last night so I went and read the law specifically: the Final__Defense_Production_Act_091030. pdf. As I read, I realized that it probably wasn’t quite as dire as I had thought.

This morning I continued reading and found that other that I respect share that opinion. Specifically, Maggie over at Maggie’s Notebook who is one hell of a researcher has looked into it. I see nothing in her analysis to disagree with.

So with a hattip to Grumpy, here is Maggie analysis.

Obama: Executive Order 3/16/12 – National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order – Some EO History

March 18, 2012


This Executive Order (EO) (as yet unnumbered) dated last Friday  provides for the continuity of Government in the case of a National Emergency and puts in place the planning for “preparedness.” The words Martial Law do not appear in the title of the EO, but a quick read makes it clear that confiscation of property can be ordered in certain circumstance.  The question is, why do we need this order? Below you will see that we already have similar direction in place and have had for many years.  What is different about this one?  It would take many hours for me to figure it out in detail, so I’m hoping someone else who follows Executive Orders or national defense directives, will write about why this one is needed.

Here’s my inexpert opinion: Obama clarifies in March 2012 EO, that in the case of an National Emergency the government can take everything you have: your food and water and weapons, your manufacturing, construction businesses and farms, and their equipment and supplies , the country’s energy, our civil transportation. They can abscond with your fertilizers. The Government can expand or modify your privately owned business, force Government-owned equipment into your facility, and hijack your labor field. UPDATE: AND they can do this at anytime of an emergency or in times of peace.

Continue reading: Obama: Executive Order 3/16/12 – National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order – Some EO History | Maggie’s Notebook.


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25 Responses to Obama: Executive Order 3/16/12 – National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order – Revised and Extended

  1. There is no real meaningful difference between this EO, or the original version by clinton or the two changes made by Bush?

    Hot air has a good analysis and comparison, with references here:

    You realize of course that the original EO on national defense (#8248) was issued in 1939? That nearly every president since has updated and superceded it with revisions? that this is based on the Defense Production Act of1950? And that this EO is simply updating EO 12919 that has been in place since 1994 and updated/amended numerous times since then. And there is NOTHING significantly new.

    Care to enlighten us all with what has so drastically changed from the original EO under CLinton, or either of George W Bushs revisions in 2003 and 2008?

    And if you are so concerned about our liberties (as you should be)maybe you should read some of the EO’s and laws passed under George W Bush George W Bush issued Executive Order 12656 “Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities”, February 16, 2004 plus Executive Order 13074, Amendment to EO 12656, February 9, 1998.
    Or the John Warner National Defense Act passed in 2006. And of course the patriot act…


    • And you are so certain of what I believed then, exactly how? If you read a bit further into the site you would find that I’ve made plenty of critisisms of GW Bush. But I know, its so much easier in Sir Winston Churchill’s words to: “Blow in, Blow up, and Blow out”.


    • jlue says:

      I can’t speak for the author of the post, but I worry more now because Obama is secretive. He does things late on a Friday without allowing the nation to know why he is doing it. He takes every breach of freedom to a new level. There have never been so many czars, never been so much debt, never been so many private businesses taken over by big government, never been so much BIG government or executive orders. He is the first president to openly say that if Congress doesn’t agree with him he will by-pass Congress. That he will not take “No” for an answer. He is the first president to hide his past. He scares me!


      • That is alot of the problem. Sometimes, and this EO may be one, it’s not so much what he does as how he goes about it. When you try to hide everything, people tend to assume there is a reason for you to hide it.


  2. Alan Sexton says:

    This is tyranny on steroids. The more I examine this EO, in conjunction with myriad other actions he has unilaterally taken, the more convinced I become that Mr. Obama is the most devious president in our history. We certainly know that he is a disciple of Saul Alinsky, and he is tied to every manner of left-wing extremists.


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  8. Sarah Roman says:

    Reblogged this on American Freedom.


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  11. Good catch, Nebraska. The language in this Executive Order is disturbing, perhaps, but not even a little new. It sure would be nice to get a President that questions the constitutional validity of many of these EOs, wouldn’t it?



    • Its disturbing and part of that is that everytime it gets more and more vague. Some say it is being aligned with Agenda 21. I’m not sure about that, yet.

      The thing is, like I said it was originally about continuity of government, which was a worthy goal at the time but, now, I agree, this kind of nonsense needs to go.

      Thank, Lin.


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  15. Sherry says:

    This is not a “President” who is trustworthy with such a grave responsibility as this EO. He has proven that over and over again by his disdain for the Constitution and the Bible.


    • I completely agree, and that is the trouble with this whole genre of EOs. It’s fine with Truman or Eisenhower (or Reagan) most of the others, especially this one, not so much.


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  19. jackcurtis says:

    That a long line of Presidents have felt empowered to take dictatorial control of the U.S. economy whenever they decide it appropriate seems scary indeed to me, since I see no such provision in the Constitution. FDR’s gold confiscation doesn’t seem provided for either. For that matter, Lincoln did things during the Civil War that are hard to justify legally.
    Perhaps the Constitution is no restraint upon our government; perhaps the real restraint is what the governors think they need and can get away with. If one believes that, then one’s evaluation of incumbent presidents becomes more important…and since Obama claims the right to kill anyone he chooses by assassination (claim in open Court) and since Congress just handed him the power to use the army to round up and imprison indefinely without charge any citizens he chooses, evaluation of HIM sort of jumps front and center, right?
    Bad times follow prolonged economic mismanagement; that’s what’s being prepared for, seems to me…And that’s SCARY!


    • I couldn’t agree more with that evaluation, and yes, overstepping the constitution goes back to Lincoln, maybe to Jefferson with the Embargo Act. And, yes, allowing the President or more generally the government, to act extra-constitutionally such scare the bejeebers out of us, every time all the time. We’ve been lucky for a long time, maybe we need to pay attention now.


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