CHAIRMAN’S REPORT from the Nebraska GOP

Nebraska GOP Party

Nebraska GOP Party (Photo credit: echobase_2000)

You all know me, I’m not a huge fan of the GOP or the Nebraska GOP. Yes, I’m a registered Republican but, that’s mostly because most elections here are decided in the primary. But still, for the most part, they are our co-belligerents (if I may use the phrase) in the contest for our country. Incidentally, part of the reason I don’t write more about Nebraska politics is simply that I don’t have the sources, if you do, help me out. So what they think is important too. So, here’s what they’re working on in Nebraska:


I reported last Friday about Secretary of State John Gale‘s decision finding that Bob Kerrey was not a resident of Nebraska when he filed to run for the U.S. Senate and that Kerrey may have committed “election falsification,” but also finding that Gale had no choice but to put Kerrey on the ballot. Since then, we’ve been hard at work at the NEGOP fighting to protect the integrity of Nebraska’s election laws.

Thanks to the efforts of the NEGOP General Counsel Steve Grasz, with the assistance of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and election law attorneys at the Washington, DC law firm McDermott Will & Emery, we promptly filed a challenge of the Secretary of State’s decision to let Bob Kerrey be on the ballot. Media coverage on our filing can be found here:

Nebraska Radio Network

KETV News Omaha

KOLN 10/11 News Lincoln

National Journal


FOX News

A hearing was held on Wednesday, during which Kerrey was given the opportunity to submit evidence demonstrating that he was a resident of Nebraska at the time he filed, but Kerreyfailed to do so!

After the hearing and submission of legal briefs, Lancaster County District Court Judge Steve Burns issued a late-night ruling rejecting our challenge. Our legal team immediately appealed that decision to the Nebraska Court of Appeals, and the Nebraska Supreme Court granted our request to bypass the Court of Appeals and move the case directly to our highest state court.   Since then, a flurry of briefs have been filed, and we expect a decision any minute on our request for an expedited review and the possibility that the Supreme Court will dismiss the case and keep Kerrey on the ballot on a technicality.

Regardless of the outcome, at the end of the day the battle has been about this:   Should someone like Bob Kerrey be allowed to live in New York, fly to Nebraska mere hours before the filing deadline, lie under oath about where he lives, and still be permitted to be listed on a Nebraska ballot?

There’s more, link to the full report at the bottom.


Today, CBS’s Bob Schieffer Pointed Out The Hypocrisy Of ObamaCriticizingRepublicans For Attacking On Gas Prices While ThenCandidate Obama Did The Very Same Thing In 2008. CBS’S BOB SCHIEFFER:”Good morning again. Welcome to Face the Nation. David Axelrod is the President’s chief campaign strategist. He joins us from Chicago. Welcome, Mr. Axelrod. Let me start with this. As the price of gas has gone up, the president’s approval ratings have gone down. But when the Republicans started pummeling the president about this, he sort of poked fun at them. Here’s what he said last week.” PRESIDENT OBAMA: “They tell the same story. They head down to the gas station. They make sure a few cameras are following them. And then they start acting like we’ve got a magic wand and we will give you cheap gas forever, if you just elect us. Every time. Been the same script for 30 years. It’s like a bad rerun.” SCHIEFFER: “But here’s the irony, Mr. Axelrod. It is like a rerun because this is what Candidate Obama said about George Bush four years ago.” SENATOR OBAMA:”All the while, while here in Ohio, you’re paying nearly $3.70 a gallon for gas, two-and-a-half times what it cost when George Bush took office.” SCHIEFFER: “So, what about that? So, what is the strategy? Is the price coming down? Do you have a plan to do that? I mean, in the short run?” DAVID AXELROD: “Well, first of all I’m interested to hear that clip because in June of 2008 the price of gas was $4.10 a gallon. What it underscores is the fact that we’re in a global oil market. And when we’re dependent solely on oil, we’re affected by the rate shocks again and again and again. And what he said then, what the President said then, and what he’s enacted during this administration is that we need a… an ‘all of the above’ policy so that we can break this dependence on oil.” (CBS’s ” Face The Nation,” 3/18/12)

Again there is more. A lot more.


“Barack Obama promised during the campaign that he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term but has racked up trillion dollar deficits every year he’s been in office,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “As he sets our country’s debt record, it turns out his words were just another empty promise.”

“America’s families and small businesses are struggling to balance their budgets in this tough economy as everything from gas prices to healthcare and college costs skyrocket. While Americans will say they are not better off today than they were four years ago, Obama’s Washington special interests and campaign contributors are. It’s time to change direction.”



Since Obama Took Office, The National Debt Has Increased By Over $4.9 Trillion, An Increase Of Over 46 Percent. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 3/15/12)

  • The National Debt Is Now $15,564,809,891,767.90 , $133,356 For Every Family In The Nation. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 3/15/12; U.S. Census Bureau, Accessed 3/15/12)
  • Obama Is Responsible For “The Most Rapid Increase In The Debt Under Any U.S. President.” “The latest posting by the Treasury Department shows the national debt has now increased $4 trillion on President Obama’s watch. The debt was $10.626 trillion on the day Mr. Obama took office. The latest calculation from Treasury shows the debt has now hit $14.639 trillion. It’s the most rapid increase in the debt under any U.S. president.” (Mark Knoller, “National Debt Has Increased $4 Trillion Under Obama,” CBS News, 8/22/11)

Politifact: “Obama Is The Undisputed Debt KingOf The Last Five Presidents.” “So by this measurement — potentially a more important one — Obama is the undisputed debt king of the last five presidents, rather than the guy who added a piddling amount to the debt, as Pelosi’s chart suggested.” (“Nancy Pelosi Posts Questionable Chart On Debt Accumulation By Barack Obama, Predecessors,” Politifact , 5/19/11)

More on this too.

Use this link for the full report, and other stuff, too. It’s a good read.


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