Of Men (and Women) at Arms

Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Catalog No. 82, ...

Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Catalog No. 82, June-July 1921 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One question I get asked very frequently is “What kind of handgun should I get for home defense”. My answer is always the same: “I wouldn’t get a handgun for home defense.” There are a handful of reasons why a pistol just isn’t the brightest idea for protecting against a home invasion.

The best option for home defense is a tactical 12 gauge shotgun.

Why use a handgun when you can use a long gun?         

Any experienced shooter will tell you that they would rather bring a rifle to a gun fight then a handgun. In fact, a common saying with law enforcement is “I use my handgun to fight my way to a real gun”. They are referring to their M4 rifles and/or their shotguns.  There are several reasons why just about any long gun is the better option in a gun fight, but this article is about why a 12 gauge is the answer for home defense, so we will focus on that.

Sight radius

The longer the sight radius (the distance between the front and back sites) on the gun, the more accurately you are going to shoot it. A shotgun, having a significantly longer barrel is going to have a longer sight radius. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to miss with a shotgun.  However, the longer barrel on the 12 gauge (as compared to a pistol) makes it far easier to accurately take aimed shots as well as to “point shoot”.

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Do I need to say that I completely agree with the post. Although I still prefer my Trench gun. 12 Ga. 2 3/4, 20″ barrel, rifle sights, wooden stock so it can be used in clubbed musket mode, and not least a bayonet just in case. If you see it coming toward you, it’s an intimidating beast. My loads: 1 #4 birdshot,  3 #00 buck, the rest rifled slugs.

That’s my answer to with what, Here is Pat Buchanan’s as to why.

A Nation Arms Itself — For What?

“Law-abiding citizens in America used guns in self-defense 2.5 million times in 1993 (about 6,825 times per day), and actually shot and killed two and a half times as many criminals as police did (1,527 to 606). These self-defense shootings resulted in less than one-fifth as many incidents as police where an innocent person was mistakenly identified as a criminal (2 percent versus 11 percent).”

The figures tell the story. Along with rising incarceration rates, the proliferation of guns in the hands of the law-abiding has been a factor in the nation’s falling crime rate.

And that proliferation has accelerated under President Obama.

According to ammo.net, tax revenues from the sale of firearms and ammunition have gone up 48 percent since 2008, with Iowa, North Carolina and Utah registering revenue gains of over 100 percent.

On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, there were 129,666 background checks of individuals seeking to buy a gun, the highest one-day search in history This exceeded by 32,000 the number of background checks by gun dealers on Black Friday 2010.

Background searches in December broke the all-time monthly record set in November, as 1,534,414 inquiries were made to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System about prospective gun-buyers.

Half a million inquiries came in the six days before Christmas.

Why are Americans arming themselves?

More and more citizens, says the National Rifle Association, fear that if or when they confront a threat to their family, lives or property, the police will not be there.

Reports of home invasions and flash mobs have firmed up the market for firearms. After the 1992 Los Angeles riot, when Californians found themselves defenseless in homes and shops, gun sales soared.

Others argue that a fear of new laws in an Obama second term, or even the possible confiscation of handguns, is driving sales.

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 A warning though, if you’re not willing to practice, and if you’re not sure you’ll use it, you’re merely arming your enemy, so think first and practice, practice, practice. It’s fun, anyway.

Do note that these weapons are not very practical for even open carry, that’s handgun territory, and if you need range over about 25-50 yards you need a rifle but, that’s not the type of self-defense we are talking about here. This is what is called the “close quarter battle”, or CQB. This is the last resort kill or be killed phase and that’s the other reason for proficiency: If you have to think, you’ll lose; it has to be instinctive.

So there you have it, the why and with what.

This is a very interesting article on a woman’s journey from a full on case of gun-phobia to to happiness with her shotgun. You’ll enjoy it.


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7 Responses to Of Men (and Women) at Arms

  1. I have to thank you for this one Nebraska. Believe it or not, it was the source of inspiration for my post today! A trench gun with a bayonet? Good heck, now that’s packin’. (I fired one from a sprawled position during a target practice session many years ago, but to see me try to lift one would be quite the picture.)


    • More than welcome, I’ll be along shortly.


  2. mstrmac711 says:

    The only other time in my lifetime that I saw this much concern about the proper weaponry was when Jimmy Carter was in office. Crime was higher than the interest rates and unemployment combined. Even my bride of 32 years has two weapons of choice now. But I must confess that every time I hear people talk about over-riding the Supreme Court for their own purposes, I wonder if I truly have enough ammunition.

    33.639099 N , 112.39575760000002 W


    • I know. Right after the election in 2008 I was working in hardware store for a while in a small town out here. We carried some guns and ammunition although not very much but, man were we selling it almost faster than we could get it in, especially 12 Ga. and the so-called military calibers.

      The owner is a friend of mine and he says it has never let up. I hope they set up their ammunition lockers properly. This country is turning into an armed camp.

      I don’t remember it being like this even in the Carter administration.

      And the amazing thing is, the advice the citizenry is getting is for the most part, in my opinion, good advice, too.

      America has never been vulnerable to conquest, really but, Yamamoto’s phrase about a gun behind every blade of grass is becoming almost literally true.


  3. I have two guns, one for each of ya….


    • I’ll keep that in mind, as long as you’ll hand it to me breech first, my friend.


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