This is beautifully and very well said. Not only that, it’s true!!

Tracie Louise Photography

Every moment… of every day… you create yourself.  With the choices you make.  The thoughts you think.  The words you use.

How do you make manifest something in your reality which you would like to experience?   YOU CHOOSE IT.  And you keep on choosing it.  And you never waver from that choice.  And you dont’ second guess it.  And you don’t ever question it.  You don’t wonder if it is the right thing or not (that decision has already been made).  And you don’t ever entertain thoughts of unworthiness.  Don’t ask yourself if you deserve it or not.  Because if you can conceive of the possibility of having it, then you already DO deserve it.

“Therefore, be of one mind and of single purpose about a thing. And don’t take your mind off it until you have produced it in your reality.  Keep focussed.  Stay centred.  If you choose…

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  1. Awesome photograph!


    • It is. If you haven’t been to her site, you should. To my mind her photography is some of the very best I’ve seen, and that include Ansel Adams.


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