I’m not a huge Beck fan. It’s personal not business. It has much more to do with his style and much less to do with his message.

Here is message is 100% accurate as is his history. I recommend this.

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Tomorrow on The Glenn Beck Program: Glenn will deliver the speech the President should have given this week in episode 2 of The Oval. Glenn debuted The Oval last week -he said the hard truths our politicians won’t, and looked to the solutions they fail to see.

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My fellow Americans, today we are going to try something new.

I am going to sit here and say what we all know is true… but which everyone is afraid to say.

I am going to talk about what made this country is great… but why it is risking its greatness.

This is what our leaders should be doing. This is what our leaders are paid to do. This is why we give them advisers… and airplanes to travel the…

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  1. I stopped paying attention to Beck after he said that Rick Santorum was the next George Washington.


    • I missed that one but, yeah he’s more than a bit hyperbolic.


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