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NE Legislature Passes Reckless Medicaid Expansion Providing Benefits to Illegal Immigrants

Nebraska’s State Legislature voted Wednesday afternoon, the 60th and final day of the 102nd Unicameral, 2nd Session, to override Governor Dave Heineman’s veto of LB599, a bill which creates a separate Nebraska Medicaid program to provide prenatal coverage for women deemed ineligible because they are in the United States illegally or fail to meet other requirements of the existing Medicaid program.

Wednesday’s veto override was the result of a two year effort led by a Lincoln state senator and a coalition of lobbying groups and organizations ranging from the Catholic Bishops Conference to the ACLU-NE.

Bill proponents made a cost-savings and pro-life argument based on a logic that children of currently ineligible mothers would be Medicaid eligible from birth and that the lack of prenatal care ultimately costs taxpayers more money. Many advocates claimed ineligible women would seek abortions if coverage was not provided by the state, but overlooked data which proves abortion rates actually declined 3.4% following removal of the 1,600 ineligible women from the Medicaid program.

Nebraska’s Governor and several legislators argued that private charity should provide for illegal immigrants’ prenatal care and that state-sanctioned Medicaid coverage will cause an influx of illegals into the state.

» NE Legislature Passes Reckless Medicaid Expansion Providing Benefits to Illegal Immigrants.

While you are over there you will be able to find out who your representative is, so you can tell him what you think.

Here are a few tidbits from the Objective Conservative.

With reference to the story above, the Governor was not pleased. Here’s his statement:

(Lincoln, Neb.) Gov. Dave Heineman today offered the following statement to the LB 357 and LB 599 veto overrides:
“Today, the majority of the Nebraska Legislature decided their priorities are:

  • Providing taxpayer funded benefits to illegal immigrants and
  • Increasing the sales tax rate on the citizens of Nebraska.

“I strongly disagree with their decisions. Providing preferential treatment to illegals while increasing taxes on legal Nebraska citizens is misguided, misplaced and inappropriate.”

Senaor Coash and Ted Nugent and Wadded Panties.

Now, about Senator Coash.  Seems Coash has got his ‘non-partisan’ government-employed opponent Kyle Michaelis’ panties in a wad over Coash’s upcoming fundraiser with Ted Nugent.   Ted will be in Omaha to help Cobly raise some funds in May.

Michaelis, who claims to be non-partisan has been the writer of the liberal, anti-anything-conservative ‘New Nebraska Network’ blog for the last five or so years. He is simply a Democrat mouthpiece. Here are a few of his ‘panties-in-a-wad comments about Coash and Nugent:

  • “As an entertainer, Ted Nugent can get away with saying a lot of dumb things. But, Senator Coash is supposed to be a public servant and should hold himself to a higher standard. There’s no place in Nebraska for Nugent’s hate-filled politics.”
  • “Money is a powerful force in any campaign, but it shouldn’t overpower common sense, decency, and mutual respect.”
  • “Senator Coash might be able to make $500 per person selling autographed pictures with Nugent but only by trading away any claim to Nebraska values.”
  • If Coash continues endorsing rightwing extremism and the politics of hate by holding this event, the Michaelis for Legislature campaign asks that a portion of the proceeds support gun violence prevention in Lincoln and Omaha, where the fundraiser is scheduled for May 10th.

It’s for sure that Mr. Non-partisan Michaelis won’t be introducing any pro-gun legislation or voting for gun rights should he find some silver bullet to dethrone Coash.

Continue Reading Guns, Senator Coash, Ted Nugent, the N.R.A. and Governor Heineman

Objective Conservatives Thought for the Day for 19 April 2012

It’s pretty petty when the best the Kerrey campaign and his consultant Paul Johnson can do is criticize Jon Bruning for not calling the Prince of Peace Nobel Laurette President of the World of Equal Nations Commissar/Chairman Barack Berry Soetoro Hussein Obama ‘President Obama‘ in a commercial.

It doesn’t say much for Nebraska Watchdog Joe Jordan that he makes such a deal out of it either.   Must have been a really slow news day.

From Objective Conservative

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