This is far worse than SOP-PIPA was. The language is so general that it can mean anything or nothing. If you are tired of freedom, this is the bill for you.

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On Friday, April 27, The House of Representatives if scheduled to take up House Resolution 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act. If passed, it could severely affect not only the internet, but our First & Fourth Amendments rights and liberties to the point we will be forced to execute our rights under the 2nd AMENDMENT. The following is a brief outline of the points of contention within CISPA, which many believe is even more dangerous than SOPA could have ever been. You couple this with Department of Homeland Security initiatives already in place and you are looking at a complete and total erosion of speech, privacy and liberty…

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  1. Time for some good ol fashioned government purges.


    • You got that one right.


  2. Where is this stuff getting the traction?


    • Near as I can tell its the UN’s Agenda 21. I don’t go much for conspiricy theories but this seems to be generating an awful lot of smoke. By the way the House moved up the vote, with an expansion of what the government can do with the information. Or at least that’s Puma’s information which I just reblogged, huge majority, bipartisan and everything.

      Amazing, isn’t it, how congress can unite left, right, and libertarians.


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