15 Million dollars in one evening from a group of elite Hollywood “celebrities” and their friends.

George Clooney has set his course very visibly in the public eye to show that he supports all of Obama’s policies. There is a clear choice on his part and the part of his friends to continue on this current path.

How committed are you? Like most of you, I couldn’t even make a dent in that record breaking 15 million. It’s frustrating that so much money is so readily available for such a questionable purpose. How did they get so much?

Oh, wait, that’s right. They get it from people who buy their products and services. They get to love in very rich mansions while attacking people who live in ranch houses. They get to attack your religion while spending lavishly to support their own (paying homage to their own sinful natures). They…

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  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    Great article, Nebraska. I must admit I am not as steadfast as I should be about avoiding support for those that would see this country ruined. I will try to do better. Here’s the comment I posted over at Submariner:

    I must admit I love Robert Downey, Jr., the actor, NOT the politico. We just went to see the Avengers on opening weekend. Funny thing about that movie (and all Marvel movies for that matter), they have a conservative, patriotic bent to them and that’s probably Stan’s doing. Obviously, Downey is more committed to making millions than he is to his leftist views or he wouldn’t don the Iron Man personna.
    But we do try to avoid supporting most of the committed left, Hollywood elite of late. Hubby used to love Streisand, but no more.
    They live in a horrible little bubble.


    • I have much the same feeling, many of them do really good work in their field, I’d like to reward that but, they are so overbearing in their political views that that has become almost impossible, sad. The other half of the story is, of course, to support those that do agree with us, their ranks are growing, and they also do remarkable work.


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  4. mejustice says:

    Well, it’s time for us to stop following the “Pied Pipers” no matter how good they play the flute.


    • Yup, it’s tie to think, and decide, and soon, act, for ourselves.


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