Welcome to the new property maintenance codes, if you’re safe from tornadoes, and such we’ll break you and steal your property.


Early one Saturday morning, 70-year old retired Air Force reservist and former state employee Joe Del Rio was awoken by a knock on his front door. It was the city of Austin’s local code enforcement team. One of the agents told Mr. Del Rio that he needed to speak to him right away.

After getting dressed Mr. Del Rio went and opened his front door. He was immediately bum rushed by the Austin Police Department’s SWAT Team and then detained and interrogated for over 10 hours.

What was this 70-year old mans crime?
It seems that the Mr. Del Rio had an underground bunker, and apparently in Austin, Texas that enough to have the SWAT team storm your home and hold you at gun point.

The bunker in question was previously built as a bomb shelter during the cold war. Mr Del Rio had recently renovated part of the old…

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4 Responses to

  1. Sherry says:

    Makes me wanna cry~ 😡


    • I feel much the same, My comment has to do with the maintenance code gives them far too much power, with very few checks. Some say, and I think so but haven’t confirmed, that whole nonsense is part of the Agenda 21 nonsense. The most common one is called The International Property Code. If it is, we need to really get on it. That code has major violations of many of the amendments in the Bill of Rights in it.


  2. mejustice says:

    Sigh…our country is not the same anymore.


    • It truly is not.


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