Do you like extraordinary photography? Intelligent writing? This is a woman who can (and does) it all. Read the article, look at the mesmerizing pictures, enjoy! Tracie Louise’s posts are the high point of my day. Enjoy!

Agata Lemos

I think I was born with creativity running through my veins…  but for over 3 decades, I was an artist without a medium.  I tried many things over the years, from art and craft, to drawing and painting, and even writing.  But nothing seemed to gel.  I always loved photography, from the very first instamatic I took away on 4th grade camp, to the High Schools 35mm SLR, I borrowed and played official school reporter, recording all the most important scholastic events.  At one point in my early 20’s, I even imaged that I might be able to be a photographer.  I went to the Photography Institute to inquire about enrolment, but backed out at the last minute, for fear of not being able to make the grade.

In the years to come I still loved to snap things on holidays.  I never really understood the point of going…

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  1. Freedom, by the way says:

    She is one talented lady.


    • That she is.


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