There is a reason why the Constitution limits funding of the Army to 2 years. Meantime the Navy ship level is below what it was before World War One and Defense wants to cut it further? And pivot to the Pacific which is primarily naval. Huh? What? I suspect that there is some local pleading in the House budget but I think I’d rather bet on them this time, Defense is to important to trust to this administration.


In light of the fact that this administration seems a bit confused on exactly who the enemies are and who our friends are … sure! Let’s cut defense, cripple our military and dishearten them by cutting pay and reducing benefits. Morale is critical to a deployed military, and be assured, morale is dropping into danger zones! Doesn’t seem like the smartest move by a sitting President whose re-election campaign is already in serious trouble!

White House threatens veto of House defense bill

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House threatened on Tuesday to veto the House Armed Service Committee’s version of next year’s defense budget, arguing that the $642 billion measure adds billions to President Barack Obama’s request and limits the military’s ability to execute a new defense strategy.

In a scathing, seven-page statement, the Office of Management and Budget ticked off a list of objections…

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  1. Can’t agree with you on this one. First, foreign relations are viewed by most experts as at the most stable level now since 9-11. Second, to compare Navy ship levels to WWI and WWII ignores the armament capacities of modern naval warships. If you consider comparable response times and threat-reduction capacity, our current Navy far surpasses any level in history, regardless of number of ships.


    • I don’t exactly disagree with that, Trevor. Absolutely, current ships are far more powerful and the USN is wildly predominant, I think my basic problem comes down to: putting an awful lot of eggs in not very many baskets. If everything (including intelligence) works, its fine, if not it can get very bad quickly. And I’m not normally a fan of second guessing the experts, I suspect I just don’t trust the admistration In truth, I came down about 6 to 5 on the side of the House.


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