I heartily agree although I don’t share BGEN Stewart’s birthday.

I hope this wanders around to Senator Fischer’s campaign because this is a good part of what we see in you too. One of us, working for us.


What is your favorite birthday memory of all time?

Was it a special trip or maybe something you had hoped for all year? I don’t remember the year that I first got my favorite birthday present, but I do remember what is was. It was the year I found out that I shared the same birthday as Jimmy Stewart. Yep, that Jimmy Stewart. Brigadier General James Maitland Stewart if you please. Hero of World War 2 and Vietnam War veteran.

I can’t think of many things I could ever not like about Jimmy (we share the same birthday so I can call him that). He was born in 1908 in Indiana Pennsylvania to parents of good hearty Scottish stock – Presbyterians to boot. That was back in the day when there were real Presbyterians who read the King James and only worshipped one Trinity. He attended Mercersburg Academy and planned…

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  1. mstrmac711 says:

    Thanks my friend. I pray we as a country willl wake up before its too late


    • As do we all.


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