Diamond Jubilee

Our British and Anglosphere friends are celebrating something that has happened only twice in the last 1000 years. The current Queen, Elizabeth II, has been on the throne for 60 years. By the way the other Monarch to make 60 years was Elizabeth’s Great-Great Grandmother Queen Victoria. I would say that’s pretty distinguished company.

Let’s think about this a bit, a Head of State, who has known every US President since Franklin Roosevelt, who technically was under the command of General Dwight Eisenhower as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, who guided the transition from Empire to Commonwealth, has known and worked with every British Prime Minister since Sir Winston, and has even managed to tolerate the slights of Obama without making it a public scandal.

This is a throne that goes back to the Anglo-Saxon dynasty of Wessex, as changed by the Conquest of William the Conqueror, and has rolled down the centuries, nearly always working with the Parliament to safeguard its subjects’ freedom (not always willingly, though).

Her life has been quite remarkable, also. From being an ambulance driver in the Second World War to being snubbed at the 65th Anniversary of D-Day by Obama and Sarkozy, there isn’t much she hasn’t done. I think it telling that in 1940 during the Blitz the Queen Mother famously announced:

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, horrified at the thought of what the Royal Family abandoning its people to its fate, might do to civilian morale, famously declared that:“The children won’t leave without me, I won’t leave without the king, and the king will never leave!”

– Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

Thus even as a child the queen understood the down side of being a Royal, I’m sure that this was reinforced when her favorite uncle Lord Mountbatten was killed by Irish terrorists. I think a bit of Shakespeare relating to one of her predecessors, Henry V, would be in order.

I think it entirely fit and proper for us, as Americans, to salute the Queen on this auspicious occasion, as she has proved to be one of the best friends of freedom the world has seen, as well as the Head of State of the Mother Country of freedom. For we all know that our founding fathers built this country, our America, on the heritage of free Englishmen. There’s not too much to add here, for 60 years Her Majesty has been Head of State of our staunchest allies and friends and so I think it’s appropriate to say sing, “Long Live the Queen”.


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6 Responses to Diamond Jubilee

  1. Thanks for the post. It brought back a few memories. I still remember, or at least I think I do, hearing a broadcast from atop a building in London during a blitz. It began, “My sister and I . . . .”


    • Made me think of this one, Dan, although it doesn’t fit your specifications very well.

      Hard to believe it’s the same woman all these years later.


  2. Reblogged this on danmillerinpanama and commented:
    This brought back so many memories of the not very distant past and hopes for what should be her future and ours that I had to re-blog it. Perhaps, just perhaps, Britain may once again be as great as she was. May we be as well.


  3. tmkeel says:

    I am an American. In England for the first time. Due to circumstances, I have deemed to be here for the months of May, June, and July, 2012. What an historic summer to be in England. I am only a second generation American, as my grandparents emigrated from Germany. Yet, I know the roots of my country come from England. And part of my Christian heritage comes from the English people who gave their lives to translate the Bible into English language. I see and feel the sense of British pride all around me with the flags flying and the symbols of Britain being displayed with primarily the Union Jack on every corner of this country. America and England must strive to keep strong those ties for if we do not we as Americans lose our identity.


    • What a wonderful time to be in England. I’m glad the British are proud of their heritage, as they should be. Like Americans, they need to translate that pride into their politics more.

      I’m a third generation American, of Norwegian heritage and yes, you are correct, our country was founded on the historic rights of English Freemen. They are indeed our first cousins, and we all do best when we remember that.


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