Where Will You Be When the Lights Go Out?

Environmental Protection Agency Seal

Environmental Protection Agency Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Here is Marita Noon continuing on the destructive policies being followed by the EPA, with the assistance of the environmental lobby. I call them that to be polite, what they really are is a bunch of Luddites who want to cut the population by at least half by starvation and go back to the late 14th century (and it’s very tough living conditions, far worse than the worst you’ve ever seen in the world today) for us little people while they continue to live off the bounty of the land with (they think) their technology still working. It won’t be, but thinking through things isn’t their strong point. Here’s Marita.

The passage of time is marked with milestones. We each know where we were when President Kennedy was shot, when the Berlin Wall came down, and on the morning of 9-11. If we continue on the current course, you’ll be telling your grandchildren where you were the night the lights went out in America.

America’s energy policy is being dominated by environmentalists’ priorities—regardless of the impact to the American economy, individual communities, or economically-challenged citizens. The plans to shut down or limit America’s abundant, available, and affordable energy are organized, coordinated, and effective. The results will be “lights out in America”—a dim future.

On May 30, the Wall Street Journal alerted us to the Sierra Club’s new campaign aimed at killing the natural gas industry: “Beyond Natural Gas.” WSJ reports: “This is no idle threat. The Sierra Club has deep pockets funded by liberal foundations and knows how to work the media and politicians. The lobby helped to block new nuclear plants for more than 30 years, it has kept much of the U.S. off-limits to oil drilling, and its ‘Beyond Coal’ campaign has all but shut down new coal plants. One of its priorities now will be to make shale gas drilling anathema within the Democratic Party.”

Think about this now, because this isn’t a conservative v liberal or republican v democrat issue. This is about your life, itself. If you have any semblance of self-respect, you know that your worth to society is based on what you produce. What are you going to be able to produce in a world of wooden plows drawn by women, or at best cows? That’s how it was, and if they get their way, it will be again.

In Kentucky, hundreds of individual coal mining permits are typically approved each year. The application process has been in place for years. Companies applying for permits know the rules and applications are submitted accordingly. If a rule change is to be made, there is a process that includes a series of public hearings and industry input—providing participation for all parties. When a new rule is implemented, it often has a phase-in period and involved parties can prepare as they know about it far in advance.

However, Lisa Jackson’s EPA isn’t constrained by rulemaking policy.

On April 1, 2010, without reason or science, public notice or opportunity for public comment, the EPA issued “Interim Guidance on Clean Water Act (CWA) procedures for Appalachian surface mines”—which initially applied to only six states: Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Lisa Jackson acknowledged that few—if any—mines would be able to comply with the new benchmark set to limit wastewater discharges from surface coal mining to instream conductivity levels of 500 micro-siemens. Even if you do not understand the conductivity level of instream micro-siemens, you can grasp that the levels called for in the “guidance” are lower than levels found in nature.

In March 2010, 27 permits were issued under the known procedures. Since the “guidance” came out, without warning, on April 1, no new permits have been issued. One company was offered a permit with the 500 micro-siemens limit applicable to every phase of mining beginning on day one. The “virgin” stream was tested before any mining operations commenced and was found to naturally have 1200 micro-siemens. The company would have been in violation before they ever started. On July 21, 2011, the “interim guidance” was replaced with a “final guidance” which suggested that conductivity levels be 300 or less instead of the previous 500—which was already unattainable. Even expensive bottled water doesn’t meet the standards the EPA has set for discharges from coal mining.

Continue reading Where Will You Be When the Lights Go Out? – Marita Noon – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary.

America above all countries was built on cheap energy, because we’ve nearly always had a shortage of manpower, for one reason. These policies will end that. It won’t matter if your management or union labor, you’ll be just as unemployed, trying to scratch a living out of the earth. Very few of us are capable of doing hard physical labor from dawn to dusk without clean water or adequate food. That’s the future that the environmental movement dreams about.

Real Americans need to kill that dream (it’s really a nightmare).


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