EPA Drones, part 2

I file this in the I get e-mail category but I thought I’ share it with you. I got an e-mail from Senator Johanns (R-NE) with regard to the EPA drones that have infested the state. Apparently, He’s not amused, either.

Senator Johanns e-Update
June 12, 2012

Today, I introduced an amendment to the farm bill that would ban the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from using aerial surveillance to inspect or to record images of agricultural operations but would still allow the use of traditional on-site inspections.

The EPA’s recent history of imposing overreaching regulations on our farmers and ranchers has rightfully made many in the agriculture community skeptical of the agency’s actions. I share these concerns, which is why I along with my Nebraska delegation colleagues sent two letters to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson requesting information about the agency’s use of aerial surveillance both in Nebraska and nationwide.


This is a trust issue, and farmers and ranchers don’t trust EPA doing low-altitude surveillance flights over their operations. EPA’s surveillance program only adds to the deficit of trust this closed-door agency has earned of late. It’s past time for Congress to put an end to EPA’s use of aerial surveillance.


Click HERE to read the text of the amendment.


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6 Responses to EPA Drones, part 2

  1. Why don’t we just get rid of both the EPA & DHS! That’s a good start, I think!


  2. Sherry says:

    Now, now. At least when Obama is “working” he is playing with his new toys-the Drones. 😕


    • Well, I guess I’ll have to agree with that. Wonder if they’ve installed a game console in AF 1 so he can finally do it himself.


      • Sherry says:

        LOL! That was exactly what I had pictured in my mind.

        OT: I get You Tube videos from the WH. They are having a My First Job series of videos with people across America. I’m waiting for Obama’s-his first job will be POTUS.


        • LOL. That would be a fascinating video.


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