How To Avoid Dating a Sociopath in 10 Simple Steps

As regular readers know, I don’t do dating advice, I rarely even read any, not that I couldn’t use some! But any Sorry, I’m not Sorry has a post of dating advice up that I think goes far beyond dating advice. I think might be pretty good advice for any interpersonal relationship, emphatically not excluding choosing our political leaders. I also just plain like her style, hiding truth and wisdom in that pretty blond head behind the big sunglasses. So, if you’re an old geezer like me, it’s time to pay attention to the young’ins.

Although anyone who has ever caught a late-night episode of Dexter may disagree with me on this point, the majority of sociopaths aren’t vigilante serial killers. However they are far from harmless and they are more common than you may have thought.

Studies indicate that about 1% of the population can be categorized as sociopathic. In certain segments of the population it has been suggested that the prevalence of sociopaths is particularly high. For instance, one in ten Wall Street stock-brokers is allegedly a sociopath. Interestingly, the segments of the population in which sociopaths are most prevalent, are the same segments that most single ladies would target for boyfriends. While the savvy single woman may be impressed by the ambition and paycheck that go hand-in-hand with these coveted Fortune 500 jobs, it is the high-stakes, cut-throat competition, and cold, calculated strategy that appeal to these psychotic eligible bachelors.

So how do you avoid dating a sociopath? Follow your heart this check-list.

1. Does he seem almost…too good to be true?

Charming? Check. Raw sexual magnetism? Check. Handsome and charismatic? Check. Believe it or not, a sociopath is more likely to be the life of the party than the creeper lurking outside in the bushes with a knife. However, I’m certainly not saying that you should automatically rule out every man who seems perfect. So how do you determine whether this gem is your Prince Charming or your demise? A sociopath has a grandiose sense of self. He feels entitled and gets angry if anyone suggests anything to the contrary. Your Prince Charming will be confident, but he won’t perceive himself to be a god among men. He will also be genuine as opposed to superficial and glib.

2. Does he have trouble sustaining long-term relationships?

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7 Responses to How To Avoid Dating a Sociopath in 10 Simple Steps

  1. giliar says:

    NEO – LOVE the picture. LOL!!!!!!!!


    • I know, that picture lured me into reading her post.


  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    Has your cat gone missing?
    When the e-mail came across with your headline, I was certain this was Obama humor. Surprised me again.


    • Thanks, Freedom. I sort of think it is, in a way. Not lately, but I’ve got some personal stuff I’ll be writing in a week or so.


  3. Ha ha, oh man, talk about a mess in the kitchen. This is a good one, Nebraska.


    • Thanks, Simone.


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