On parts one and two of this series I, with input from “The Peanut Gallery”, has added extensively and republished. Not this time, this stands on its own. The only note is that Rebecca is here talking about the anti-infanticide campaign but, it is no less true for any other single issue voters out there.

Public Catholic

Power corrupts. Lord Acton

You cannot serve both God and mammon. Jesus Christ

I vote pro-life!

Pro-life people sometimes make this statement as if they were throwing down a gauntlet, or perhaps, ending an argument. Talk to them about the many nuances of grown-up politics and they will try to end the inevitable confusion by announcing emphatically, “I vote pro-life!”

The unhappy truth is that they can’t vote pro-life. “Pro Life” ain’t on the ballot.

All they have to choose from when they go vote is people. That’s why candidate ratings by pro-life groups have such power. Voters don’t have any other way to judge.

There is a strategy of sorts behind all these ratings. It’s two-pronged. The first goal, the one I am directly engaged in as a state legislator, is to elect legislators who will vote to whittle away at Roe v Wade gradually, to inflict a death…

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  1. I find it strange that the very same Christians that have created all the seeds leading up to the current abortion crisis do not see their part in creating it.
    Where were Christians when government schools were created 150 years ago? This ultimately led to the indoctrination camps where the bible is prohibited. They still do not get it….. Christians rally to get the homosexual agenda out of the schools rather than addressing the real problem of a secular government educating the nations youth. Christians in large part support government schools that are funded by stealing from their fellow man. Schools that do not instill morals in the youth of the nation.

    Most Christians have some sort of mental disorder IMHO as they address a symptom rather that any of the causes.

    Do you not think that the Federal Reserve contributes to abortion? That taking 25% or more of a families wages leads some to choose abortion over life? That local health inspection of food, unnecessarily more than doubles the prices of some foods also contributes to some choosing abortion over life? You perhaps do not agree that this is right – BUT this is REALITY. Address the causes of abortion rather than the symptom. Churches by refusing to get involved in politics are one of the major reasons that we have the abortion crisis in this country.

    Now we have the almost irretractable problem, in that the majority in this country are immoral, uneducated people. The Churches were central in creating this dilemma, for reversing it is going to be a magnitude more difficult than letting it happen.
    “Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still voting for evil and is the same as if you committed the evil yourself.
    Morally the same as if you hired a hit man, a thief, or a rapist.
    For the life of me I do not understand how a Christian could vote for either of the 2 flavors of evil that we are offered.” ~JT


    • I can easily see what you are saying here and agree with much of it but, believing that isn’t going to cure it.

      How do you propose, without imposing your beliefs, which is no more moral than the leftists you have limned so well, that we return to the constitution?

      And yes, voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil but, arguably it is less evil. Very few thing in this world are either black, or white.


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