Media Coordinates Romney Attack Based on Unsourced ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Quote – John Malcolm

Well apparently Romney never said it. Maybe he ought to put his big boy pants on and say it.

It’s absolutely, undeniably true that our founders designed this country based on our Anglo-Saxon heritage transmitted through the history of  the rights of free Englishmen.

Don’t believe it? Read Magna Charta, read Edmund Burke, read the English Bill of Rights, read the works of the founders, Jefferson, Henry, Paine, Franklin, Washington and the rest.

There’s nothing racial about it, either. This country’s design wasn’t based on Chinese, Kenyan, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, or any other society, although many contributed pieces. This country was based on an Anglo-Saxon heritage period, full stop.

It’s a fact, Jack

Anything else is nothing but politically correct claptrap.

From Breitbart via John Malcolm

***UPDATE: The Romney campaign responds to VP Biden’s statement (see that below):

“Today, the race for the highest office in our land was diminished to a sad level when the Vice President of the United States used an anonymous and false quote from a foreign newspaper to prop up their flailing campaign. The President’s own press secretary has repeatedly discredited anonymous sources, yet his political advisors saw fit to advance a falsehood. We have very serious problems confronting our nation and American families are hurting, yet the Obama campaign continues to try to divert voters’ attention with specious shiny objects. We have more faith in American voters, and know they will see this latest desperate ploy for what it is.” – Ryan Williams, Romney Spokesman

Obama’s desperate Media Palace Guards don’t want to talk about the flood of bad economic news we’ve been hit with this week, and they surely don’t want to talk about Obama’s revealing “you didn’t build that” comment for another day. So, ever in search of a new distraction-narrative, what we are now witnessing before our very eyes is the media ginning up a coordinated attack against Romney based on an unsourced quote that the Romney campaign has already denied.

In an email the Romney campaign just told me: “Flat out. Wasn’t our campaign.”

Won’t matter though; the media has a failed president to save.

It all started last night in Britain’s Telegraph:

As the Republican presidential challenger accused Barack Obama of appeasing America’s enemies in his first foreign policy speech of the US general election campaign, advisers told The Daily Telegraph that he would abandon Mr Obama’s “Left-wing” coolness towards London.

In remarks that may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity, one suggested that Mr Romney was better placed to understand the depth of ties between the two countries than Mr Obama, whose father was from Africa.

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13 Responses to Media Coordinates Romney Attack Based on Unsourced ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Quote – John Malcolm

  1. Reblogged this on swissdefenceleague and commented:
    Read Magna Charta, read Edmund Burke, read the English Bill of Rights, read the works of the founders, Jefferson, Henry, Paine, Franklin, Washington and the rest.


  2. JessicaHof says:

    And in the latest news, the Pope is a Catholic, bears do their business in woods, and Obama’s economic policy doesn’t work. Incoming news indicates that the sun rises in the morning, and we have an exclusive indicating that the moon shines by night. 🙂


    • Yeah, these guys do the silliest garbage, of course the WH is trying to spin it as racist but, when you can’t run on your record, and now he’s blown his likeability with negative ads,

      Knock some sense into Romney while he’s over there please.


      • JessicaHof says:

        Wish we could. Seems like everyone can be proud of their heritage except the Anglo-Saxons 🙂


        • Yeah, well, wouldn’t want to be to successful, would we.

          Nonsense like this is when I decided PC was dangerous newspeak. You stick to being proud, there’s a lot to be proud of there, and soon we’ll start getting people to listen again. 🙂


        • JessicaHof says:

          It all seems unbelievable – Orwell seems to have been a bit of a prophet – alas


        • Yes, he was more than a bit of a prophet.

          But, many of us, all around the world, Anglo Saxon or not have a great deal of respect for the English (yes, I do know the difference between English and British)

          You guys have led the fight from antiquity, and we hope you will return after a rest. We here, went underground with our overt patriotism, and look what we got. What SDL says below is correct. We of the English speaking world have freed more people than any other group in history.

          Don’t let ’em get you down.


        • JessicaHof says:

          I shan’t – on my tea-break – and as you know with us Brits, a cup of tea is the answer to most things 🙂


        • Yes, and we Yanks drink coffee because one night we made a really big pot of tea up in Boston.

          Actually, from what I’ve heard if I were in the UK, I’d drink tea, on the other hand tea here is dreadful so drink coffee. Both help. 🙂


        • JessicaHof says:

          For me it is coffee for breakfast and the morning, and tea in the afternoon. I’d really love to have it with small cucumber sandwiches on a silver tray – then I could imagine I was in the 1930s or something. And now, alas, the filing calls 🙂 xx


        • Indeed, cucumber sandwiches, while not unknown, are rare here. Happy filing 🙂 xx


  3. “Seems like everyone can be proud of their heritage except the Anglo-Saxons” Quote : J.H.

    Exactly and ask the English About Been Proud of Their St George Cross, if it is not just banned, it is just to be able how “racist” are the English.
    The Word Is :
    Shame Your Flag
    Shame Your Heritage
    Shame Your Believes
    Shame Who You Are


    I have many words
    But The : Empty seems to be appropriated
    In the sens, that there is a mean to full then, that Emptyness.

    Example.. Religions Is Bad .. Too Many Wars On Earth For It.
    So Cut With Religions, Find Yourself Empty Of Spirituality, And then
    You have all sort of New Age Stuff and Far Much Worst Things That People Join to fulfilled
    This : Emptyness.. (Surely You Understand my meaning) (and may be where I’m getting at)

    And This “Structure” Seems to work with so many things in so many Country !!!

    Yes A PATTERN !



    • Well said, Wil.


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