Oops, remember when Canada said it would the oil that was supposed to be shipped in the keystone XL pipeline to someone? They meant it.

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President Green Jobs and the environmentalist wackos sure showed us, didn’t they?

The political naivete of Barack Hussein Obama is incredible. Yep, President Green Jobs thought he could kill the Keystone XL Pipeline Project until after the election (to keep the environmentalist wackos in line), and then simply “change his mind” and all would be well with the labor unions – and the rest of the country as well – who thought he was a pandering hypocrite for vetoing the pipeline the first place.

Following his announcement to kill the pipeline, the Canadian government vowed – before O’s teleprompter had cooled down – to sell its oil elsewhere, saying it could no longer rely on the reliability of the United States as its primary oil trading partner.

Guess what, O? Canada meant that.

China’s state-run oil company CNOOC is…

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  1. Sherry says:

    And that means that Canada will call the shots if we ever get to negotiate for the oil since now we have China as a competitor for it. In other words, it will cost us more now then had we said yes to it in the first place. :???:


    • Yup, stupid always costs. :-\


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