After the Election; It’s Time to Bury the GOP

You’ve noticed how it’s all sweetness and light on Fox tonight (all day as well). Don’t bet on it. There a lot of us out here that were very deeply angered by the rules committee nonsense today. I’m quoting Mark America here but that’s because he said it so well I don’t think I can do better. I can emphatically agree though. I’ve never been especially fond of being at parties where I wasn’t welcome, and apparently I’m not welcome at the GOP’s party. Today was my final straw, you all know that I am an anybody but Obama voter but, given where I live that vote won’t be for Mitt Romney, screw it, if he’s already convinced he’s going to be so crappy that he needs to safeguard his nomination next time, I’ll do my damnedest to make his dream come true. In full disclosure, if I lived in a state that was even marginally close, I’d hold my nose one more time.

Know something else, guys, I know, because they’ve told me so, that the are a whole lot of heartland democrats that are just as much (or more) fed up with their national party. One of the terms I’ve heard today is “appalled”. Some of them, at least, agree with us on a lot, more than they (or us) agree with the establishment. We won’t agree with them on everything but, we agree with them a lot, they helped us elect Reagan, if you remember. Some of the ones I trust most are agreeing with me that after the election we need to start exploring the idea of a new party. i think it’s time but, we are going to have to wait and then move very fast, or we’ll look like the Libertarians or Ross Perot. But it can be done, that’s how the Whigs came out of the Federalists and how the republicans came out of the Whigs. And the Republicans were never the party of the individual, and the democrats haven’t been since Arthur, either.

Anyway, here’s Mark, and I agree wholeheartedly with him.

Turn Out The Lights: The Grand Old Party Is Over « Mark America

That’s it. You can shut down the convention right now. It’s over. Romney’s camp just shut down all dissent, and they rigged it that way.  Twitter is awash in angry tweets from people who know this was a sham.  John Boehner actually wielded the gavel without a hint of a tear as he said “the ayes have it.” They didn’t have it, and I think it was pretty clear that even if they did, this was a set-up. I have news for the GOP establishment. I am voting in November. I will vote for all the down-ballot candidates who are worthy of my support. I am not going to vote for Mitt Romney.  Don’t look at the page as though you’ve read the words of a man pledging treason. It was not I who rigged the primaries.  It was not I who rigged the convention. It was not I who rigged the rules committee. All of those things are actual treasons against the conservatives in the America, and all of those things were carried out by Mitt Romney and his legion.  I am a small matter to it, but I will have my say.  If the Republican party wishes to commit suicide by Romney, they may do so, but they will do so without my help in the matter.  John Boehner may have enjoyed his moment in despotic pleasure, and Reince Priebus may have been doing his masters’ bidding, but Mitt Romney had it within his power to put a stop to all of this, but when tested by circumstance, Mitt Romney’s fatal character flaws prevailed.

The Republican Party is dead.  It’s time we get on with this convention and consider it a funeral.  You’re witnessing a party that will now fall, and I’m going to help it on its way.  Some of you diehard Republicans who read this blog may wish to find other haunts.  It’s not going to be pretty. When I saw John Sununu begin to surface with regularity on Fox News over the last few weeks, I suspected the fix was in.  His conduct of the RNC Rules Committee on Tuesday demonstrates that fact.

Continue reading Turn Out The Lights: The Grand Old Party Is Over « Mark America.

Stick a Fork in the GOP: it’s done.

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13 Responses to After the Election; It’s Time to Bury the GOP

  1. You’ve found out that politics is dirty bravo! So you’ve decided to cut off your nose to spite your face and re-elect the Obamanation by default.

    As for a third party….


    • Remember where I live, David. One vote more or less for Romney doesn’t matter, like I said if I was in a place where it mattered, I’d hold my nose one more time.

      Third Party not really really, how about a second party, since FDR we’ve only had variant of the same Democratic-Republican (really Federalist/Whig) party. Hamilton must be so proud.


  2. I generally agree, but not with this point:

    given where I live that vote won’t be for Mitt Romney, screw it, if he’s already convinced he’s going to be so crappy that he needs to safeguard his nomination next time, I’ll do my damnedest to make his dream come true. In full disclosure, if I lived in a state that was even marginally close, I’d hold my nose one more time.

    I vote by absentee ballot in Maryland, and no matter how or whether I vote Maryland will likely give her electoral votes to President Obama.

    While the electoral vote is very important, so is the popular vote. Let’s assume that we and many others of like mind don’t vote and because of that the popular vote is very close even though Governor Romney wins the electoral vote by a hair. I am concerned about what might happen then, and expressed that concern here. With a popular vote strongly supportive of Governor Romney’s win, civil disturbances of the sort suggested there seem less likely than with a close popular vote. That concern encourages me to vote in Maryland for Governor Romney even though doing so is unlikely to help him to garner electoral votes.


    • OK, that’s something that in the heat of the moment, I didn’t consider, I will think about it.

      As you know, I think Romney will be a far better president than we have, and while I don’t like these shenanigans, some of the things I’ve read this morning also suggest that this may be more his consultants and such than Romney himself. No one ever said Romney was stupid, and this fight was stupid, he had nearly managed to get the base almost enthused about him and it doesn’t seem likely that he would risk it for a rule that might marginally help him in 2016.

      So, I’m going to back off here some on that, paragraph and go back to saying I’m not sure what I’ll do, because one, I’m not sure it was really Romney and second, you raise a very good point referring to an article of yours that I emphatically agree with.


  3. JessicaHof says:

    You have the same problem we have in the UK – an elite which thinks that because we hate the other lot so much, it owns us and can do as it likes. Well, it cost the Conservatives the last election (in about 20 seats they lost narrowly to our equivalent of the Tea Party) and it would be a shame if it lost the GOP the Presidency this time – but really, these people and their arrogance!


    • It won’t cost the GOP the presidency, mostly we have our priorities which as one cemmentators this morning put it are OMG: Obama must go.

      What it may cost the GOP going forward is the party itself, the base had barely been placated when this blew up, and I don’t think we’d have to look very hard for friends in the democratic party either.


      • JessicaHof says:

        I’m sure you are right on the last one. Your system is so different from ours, and you are surely right – OMG is the over-riding concern 🙂


        • I’m not sure what I really think, and won’t be until after the election I imagine. But, I do know this, I’m very fed up with the one party system that we currently have; from the city to the fed, They all talk a good game but they all forget what they said and act more like they’re working for Louis XIV than the people.


        • JessicaHof says:

          Yes, I fear that’s all too true. But breaking a two party system is so difficult.


        • Very difficult indeed, the other times it has happened in our country, one party has essentially committed suicide, the Whigs being the primary example, so the question really is: are the rumps of the Progressive/Democratic and the GOP/Establishment weakened enough that a 3d party has room to build a membership? I don’t know.

          If you have time, Jess, Dan Miller has a long post based partially on our joint series from his perception as an intelligent agnostic, I’m reading through it now and will have a (probably long) comment from me. I suspect he’d like for you to comment as well. It’s here:


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  5. Freedom, by the way says:

    I detest the workings of the BIG GOVERNMENT parties. But first priority (and I’m in a swing state) is to bring the car back under control before it heads off the upcoming cliff. Yes, I’d love do a three point turn and get back to where we need to be but November 6 is the opporutnity for freedom lovers to at least maintain a voice in the process and continue to work to get rid of Big Government. Boehner is the type of leader that has to go, right after Obama.


    • That’s pretty much where I am, for now it’s Romney, Dan brought out some factors I hadn’t considered but there’s no alternative.
      After the election, there will be time for a reassesment.


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