Ann Romney’s Speech

Just in case you missed it, here is Ann Romney’s speech last night at the convention. I have to say, she impressed me. via Unedited Politics


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11 Responses to Ann Romney’s Speech

  1. mstrmac711 says:

    I watched this speech with the tow most important women in my life – my Mom and my Wife. The message touched all of us. Here is a woman who grew up American, grew up not having it all handed to her, and has paid an enormous personal price from health challenges. She inspires hope that actually matters. The words were real. The passion was genuine. It will nice to see a real lady back in the White House. By the way, Juan Williams is officially on the stupid list for his ignorant comments. I guess when push comes to shove you just can’t take the ignorant out of a mangy old polecat. I hope somebody at Fox hears that


    • I concur, she moved me too. And yes Juan seems to have gone off the deep end into the kool-aid pool lately-desperation, maybe?


      • Freedom, by the way says:

        Gee, if I didn’t know better, I would think that perhaps Juan is auditioning for his old job at NPR.


        • He does seem to be getting there, doesn’t he. He used to be pretty rational, now I’m getting to prefer Bob Beckel. :-0


  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    It was a very good speech. All of them were last night. Tonight–so far, one bomb–McCain–just did a post on it. –Yeah, finally posted…:)
    Ann Romney will be a fine First Lady. Her demeaner reminds me a bit of Laura Bush who is far and away my favorite 1st Lady (although Bush is not my favorite prez) of my lifetime.


    • McCain was bad, which didn’t really surprise, I’ve still got to go find Deb Fischer’s from yesterday, her organization posted it, I’ll probably post it. Yes Ann Romney is decidedly a class act. I like her more than Mitt but, I guess it’s a package deal 🙂

      I’ll be over to your post directly.


  3. JessicaHof says:

    I thought that was an inspiring speech, well-delivered. I think the problem with her husband is that he has the qualities necessary to be a good CEO (which Obama lacks) but is not a good campaigner (which Obama is). Clinton was another who was an excellent campaigner but a loust CEO. I hope the US can see that it needs a worker, not a rhetoritician.


    • I think that’s a very good assessment overall.


    • Freedom, by the way says:

      If you saw Ryan’s speech last night, I believe we may finally have the whole package–smart, hard worker AND an inspiring speech maker.


      • I did see, and I was very impressed, a wonk who can make a good speech.


      • JessicaHof says:

        I haven’t caught up with it – but after that recommendation will do so at once 🙂


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