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I bumped what I was going to write this afternoon because we need to remember this. Today, I had a post that commented that the troopers at Fort Bliss Friday appeared to be more concerned about the mission than about their wounded comrades. I wrote that without a thought, because of course they are, wouldn’t you if you were going to bet your life?

Anyway, my dearest friend, Jessica, of All Along the Watchtower, whose husband is a British Officer serving at present in Afghanistan made this comment:

Yes, that’s in in a nutshell. Soldiers accept there could be a price, but they pay it because they are men on a mission. Obama simply cannot comprehend such men and their mind set.

As the wife of a serving officer, my stomach sinks every time I hear there has been a casualty, but as a soldier’s wife I straighten my shoulders and know my husband’s views and would not dream of sullying him by whining.

Being a soldier’s wife means accepting what soldiers accept – there is a price for duty and freedom – and someone will pay it, if not my man, then some other woman’s husband or son – and we’re one family here.

If you read here, or at the Watchtower, very often, you know that Jess and I, while making our points decisively, are quite informal, and often wander a bit off topic as friends are wont to do. But her comment above got my attention with the willingness of her husband, and her as well to sacrifice their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to the cause they share with us. I wish that our warriors, and that includes our allies, for they fight the same cause, liberty, as we do, had governments worthy of them. One of the major reasons that I will support Romney, is because I think he has some idea what is due them, as did President Bush.

As I said in the comments, I’m nobody’s idea of a soldier. I had the dream once but, other duties claimed me during the time it could have been. I have regrets but, made the proper decision, so be it. But this country and the United Kingdom as well were founded by men-at arms who would brook no interference with their rights. Nothing has changed with our soldiers, so the question become, are we as a people, are we worthy of them?

If we are, we must elect leaders who will honor them as we do.

Part of that honor has to be to give them a mission that can be accomplished by the military. Who were we kidding but ourselves when we decided to remake Afghanistan in our image. Who do we think we are, Alexander the Great couldn’t do it, Rome never tried, it took Islam several centuries, the Mongols more or less depopulated the place, the Soviet Union tried for ten years and broke the Red Army, The Brits are in there with us on their fourth war there, and we have been there for 11 years. Heinlein may have been correct, “There will be starship troopers,” but not yet.

Give these militaries sensible missions and the tools to perform it and they will save the world, misuse them and they, our sons and daughters, bleed and die to no purpose.

Personally, I honor these men and women to the bottom of my soul.

One of our missions is to be worthy of our defenders.


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10 Responses to From the Comments

  1. JessicaHof says:

    Thank you, my dear friend. There is no wife, husband, father or mother of a serving soldier who does not fear that their loved one will be next to pay the ultimate price; and not one of us who is not proud of our loved one for putting themselves on the line in the call of duty.


    • And we, most of us anyway, couldn’t be prouder of them, and of you guys who serve by waiting.


      • JessicaHof says:

        Thank you, dear friend 🙂


        • You’re welcome, dear friend. 🙂


        • JessicaHof says:



        • 🙂


  2. Certainly, those that put themselves in harm’s way deserve honour and praise by their families and all of us who know not the horrors of war. We pray for their safe return in body, mind and spirit.


  3. Dittos NEO. My father was a graduate from the Naval Academy in 1943, now resting in peace in Arlington National Cemetery since Sept 6, 2011 with his wife of 67 years. I didn’t see the boy that went to war and returned a man without any of the between years like so many of us are blessed with. I appreciate all the sacrifices our military men and women and their families who have to deal with all the problems of raising a family by themselves for months and sometimes years at a time, and will always honor their memory. I remember my dad building a bomb shelter in our basement in 2 days before he departed for the Cuban blockade: always thinking of his family.

    Jessica, I did not know that your husband was serving in Afghanistan and I pray that he remains safe. God bless him for his service and you for yours as well. I know my mom sure had it rough trying to raise two boys in my dad’s absence. God bless you both.


    • When I was doing ROTC I knew many cadre officers who had been in the southeast during the missile crisis. Everyone one of them had been scared out of his mind.

      I wrote this because Jessica’s comment was the best description of a service wife I have ever read, period.


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