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Tux, the Linux penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’ve mentioned to many of you, my machine is as best obsolescent, most would say obsolete. It also is short of RAM, I can put more in, although not much, and it’s pretty expensive. I do like the machine, it’s an IBM all in one and solid as all get out. So I’ve been swearing at it a lot and casting about for a solution, I think I’ve found one but, it changes the way I work.

I went a few months ago to a version of Linux/ Ubuntu that helped although it did not fail gracefully, sill it was better. but still it left me trying to keep an eye on both Thunderbird and Firefox as well as whatever else I’m needing to run-some of those are pretty heavy as well. Add to that the corporate computerized PBX component and firewall and there were days that Icouldn’t go two hours without rebooting.

We were talking about this last week, and we remember that a few years ago we had an obsolete laptop that we had loaded a very light version of Linux called called Anti-X that worked neatly (until the hard drive died!). So yesterday when the whole system wouldn’t work we changed this system to it. I’m still learning how to run it but, from your perspective here the first findings.

I’m no longer running either Foxfire or Thunderbird for blogging purposes. Instead I’m running Google Chrome, yes I, like many of you, don’t care for all the information gathering Google does, but still. I now have four tabs that open when I start the program-

  1. My Dashboard
  2. Google Reader
  3. G-Mail
  4. Google +

Of course I could add Facebook and Twitter and do on occasion. In addition I have a pop up running on the inbox which tells me that I have mail and the first line or so.

If you’ve run Linux, you know that one of its features is multiple workspaces, this one has four, and the e-mail widget works across all of them-doesn’t mean I can always break away from what I’m doing but, at least I might know it’s there.

I had this configuration (roughly) on my old OS and wouldn’t run fora half hour before crashing-now it loses a page once in a while when I’m in another workspace. This machine is doing things that I have never been able to do with it before.

What’s this mean to you? A few things, if you notice that I’ve unfollowed you, it doesn’t mean that I’m not reading you, mad at you or anything else. It means that my inbox is ridiculous and I might tick the wrong box but I’m going more and more to working the reader. I just can’t keep up with 100-200 e-mails that blogging generates plus business and personal business, I dumped about 3000 last week that I wanted to follow up on but couldn’t find time. maybe with a machine functioning better, I’ll do better with that too.

So thanks, to you all.



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18 Responses to Mostly for Those I Subscribe to

  1. You seem to have greater demands than me. I have two custom built jobs one for regular stuff. I’m running win 7 64 bit, and have Thunderbird with a protection from MailWasher Pro. The other is the same but with Ram out my yin yang as I use it for creating my HD DVDs using Adobe CS 5.5 but have CS6 ready to load..

    So far both seem very stable, crossing….


    • I have no budget for a new machine, and the RAM on this one is very limited, about half a gig if I remember, that’s the driver in this quest, although I admit I have always detested the bloat in widows, I ran DOS until I could no longer find software.

      But then I learned to program in COBOL on punch cards, so I need a really good reason for upgrading anyway, and we accumulate a good bit of used equipment from those that think they need the latest and greatest.

      I paid $300 for my fist DOS Box, a 386, the most I’ve paid since in $25. But I do spend more time making things work.


  2. I may have to try something like that too. My laptop is a mere 3 year old but is already acting up in the usual Microsoft way: blue screens, crashes etc. I’ve been swearing for 15 years or so to buy an Apple, but like you I don’t have the funds set aside for such an expense. My other PC is so screwed up that I now don’t have sound. So I listen to the sound on my laptop and get my email on the desktop because for some unknown reason I can receive email (using Thunderbird) but when I send out email, nobody gets it. Been tryihg to figure that one out for over a year. The pingback tests all show that is working. That’s Microsoft for you. Software you just love to hate.


    • It sure worked for me but remember that I was running a pure Linux machine before, I do miss Works (and Visio).

      I’ve still got some internal things like our server and external drives and some sound anomalies to figure out but I’m essentially functional out.

      Helps if you know someone local that’s done this before, too. BTW the skin I’m running at the moment looks like XP. This version is supposed to run on a 486 with 64K. although probably not well.


      • That might be a problem. I live in a pretty small community and may have a hard time finding someone that has done this before. But thanks for the ideas. I may see what I can learn on the internet and ask around town with some of the people here. Who knows, I might get lucky.


        • We downloaded the whole and burned to ONE cd. We got a completely clean start with only a few problems mostly external drives and some thing not making noise. Easy. Anti X has forums that cover most of it. If I was doing your I’d backup one to the other (the one that ran better) and try it on the bootable CD, see if you like it before you blow up the old one.

          I recommend it but, read about it before you try it. and don’t forget to BACK-UP and remember most of your Microsoft files might or might not work, Libre office will translate most and PDF’s are of course platform independent.


        • Appreciate the tips. I’ll look into it further. Thanks.


        • Sure no problem, You’re welcome 🙂


  3. Freedom, by the way says:

    Overloaded e-mails is the reason I don’t subscribe to even half of the blogs I read regularly. I completely understand. I know a lot of folks do the RSS feed thing and don’t do e-mail alerts at all.


    • i think that’s the direction I’m going and has the added benefit of segregating posts from comments. In addition RSS works just as well in Blogger and Typekit as it WordPress.


  4. Sherry says:

    I ,too, had an overwhelming inbox so I unsubscribed to many of my favorite blogs. I put them in the RSS of my blog. Well. I rarely get the time to follow that! Next was to FB them and follow them that way. It was a valiant try. The other day I noticed I had a Reader (OK, so I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack!). I had wondered where some of my fave blogs went. I knew I had clicked Follow but couldn’t find them. Aaaahhah! There’s my friends! Hopefully, this means I won’t miss you, NEO, or the others now that I’ve made this wonderful discovery. 😮


    • How well, I know the problem, Sherry. I find that this setup lets me get through probably twice the amount that screwing around in both programs working from e-mail did, of course the light GUI as a lot to do with that too. I don’t know how meany subs I have in the reader (probably too many, but I occasionally have trouble finding something that interests me enough to write about it. It’s all good, and I glad I won’t miss so many of your anymore either, and that’s even better!! 🙂


      • Sherry says:

        Well, I haven’t written any original posts for some time. Too busy when the weather is nice. I’m so very glad there’s reblogging! And c&p…lol…


        • I know, I’ve been doing more of both as well, part the weather, part pure laziness. BTW I like your new Avatar.


      • Sherry says:

        Thanks, NEO!
        I’ve been meaning to ask you this for some time…is that a pic of you in your avatar?


        • Nope, That’s a stock photo from Missouri in 1943. I don’t think I have one of me on the line, maybe next time I get my hands on a bucket truck I’ll have my grunt take one, my knees won’t stand up to hooks anymore, last time I tried, they had to drag a bucket in to get me down. 🙂


        • Sherry says:

          LOL! 😆


        • 🙂


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